Top 10 Best Power Banks In Nigerian Market (2021)

Best & Reliable Power Banks in Nigeria

It is a fact that in this current time, people are spending more time on mobile phone screens than television screens.

best quality power banks in nigeria

The need to keep our mobile phones running and operational all day long has necessitated the need for power banks especially in Nigeria, a country ravaged by epileptic power supply.

Africa has become investor’s haven for makers of power banks due to the continent’s erratic power supply.

There are numerous power bank brands making round Nigerian markets, however, not so many are of top quality.

It is against this backdrop that Nigerian Informer had decided to come up with best 10 quality power bank brands one can buy in the Nigerian markets. These are power banks of top quality and guarantees value for money.

Best & Quality Power Banks To Buy In Nigeria

It is important to note that power banks come in different power capacities. The higher the capacity, the longer its performance.

A power bank of 22000amh is bound to outperform and outlast power bank of 10000amh of same brand.

So, when making purchase of power banks, power capacities should also be considered as it determines the level of performance.

Below are the best & quality power banks one can find in Nigeria:

QLT Power Bank

QLT is a power bank of top quality in the Nigeria markets. The power bank comes on different power capacities of up to 20000amh.

QLT power bank also comes with fast charge and multiple charging ports. It can be trusted to provide users with power in times of emergency.

Anker Power Bank

Another good and quality power bank in Nigeria market is Anker. Anker is a top maker of quality phone accessories.

Anker power bank comes in different models and capacities like powercore, powercore II, powercore+.

Bilitong Power Bank

Bilitong power bank is rated one of the best and strong power banks in Nigeria. If you are having hard time keep your phone battery up and all day long, Bilitong power bank can present a good support for phone batteries.

Xiaomi MI Power Bank

Xiaomi products are of top quality and so is their MI power banks. Xiaomi 20000amh power bank is great and can be used for days without recharge.

Vinsic Power Bank

Vinsic is a highly rated power bank in Nigeria market. It comes in 10000amh,15000amh etc.

New Age Power Bank

New Age Power Bank is one of the most popular and reliable power banks in Nigeria. It comes in different power capacities with 22000amh its biggest capacity model. It is highly patronized in Nigeria.

Pineng Power Bank

Pineng power bank is a good option for those having it difficult to access power for their mobile phones and gadgets.

FIL Power Bank

FIL power bank is one of the strongest power banks in Nigeria. The indigenous top-quality power banks is ranked among the best in Nigeria. FIL power bank is cost effective and of good quality.

Samsung External Battery

Samsung external battery is a power bank produced by tech giant, Samsung. The power bank is very sleek and long lasting.

Oraimo Power Bank

Oraimo power banks are among the most reliable power banks in Nigeria. The indigenous tech maker Oraimo, boost of having one of the most reliable and trusted power banks in the Nigerian market. It also comes in different power capacities.


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