Top 5 Best Quality Cement Brands In Nigeria (2024)

In Nigeria, the most popular material used in building houses is the concretes and blocks. These two building materials are formed using cement and the above makes cement a very important and vital building material in Nigeria.

best quality cement brands in nigeria

Nigeria’s cement market has grown very well and competitively too since privatization of the sector by the federal government.

There are over ten (10) cement brands and companies operating in Nigeria. While some of Nigeria’s cement companies are into cemented manufacturing and production, other import the cement materials and finish production before sales.

Some of Nigeria’s indigenous cement companies are the biggest in African continent. These top performing cement companies and brands operate in several African countries helping improve infrastructure as well as generating employment opportunities.

There is no doubt that the best cement brands in Africa are found in Nigeria. Despite the high cost production and manufacturing in Nigeria, the country’s cement industries have managed to keep up with both production and quality.

In this article, Nigerian Informer will be discussing best quality and most reliable cement brands in Nigeria.

These are quality cement brands that are widely used in house buildings and other construction in Nigeria. They are builder’s most used cement in Nigeria for solid and strong constructions.

Strong & Best Cement Brands In Nigeria

Below is the list of quality and best cements in Nigeria. These are Nigeria’s best cement products and brands.

Dangote Cement

Dangote Cement which started production and manufacturing of cemented in 2007 in Nigeria is regarded as the best Cement in Nigeria.

The multi billion dollars company by extension is the biggest and best Cement making company in Africa with presence in over 14 countries in the continent.

Dangote Cement in Nigeria operate three (3) cement production factories located at Ibese Ogun State, Gboko Benue State and Obajana Kogi state.

Dangote Cement is Nigerian’s most popular and widely used Cement. The Cement firm is also the largest producer and marketer of Cement in Nigeria and across west Africa.

Cost & Price of Dangote Cement in Nigeria

A 50 kg bag of Dangote Cement is priced at N2600 – N2800 depending on location and merchant in Nigeria.

BUA Cement

BUA Cement is the second largest Cement producer and company in Nigeria after Dangote.

It is one of Nigerian’s most widely used cemented because of its top quality and performance.

BUA Cement is the best cement for house plastering in Nigeria. The cost of BUA Cement in Nigeria is relatively not high.

However, BUA is not the cheapest cement in Nigeria. The Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) certified firm operates two cement production plants located at Kalambaina, Sokoto State and Obu in Edo State.

There is no doubt that BUA Cement makes the cut as one of the best cement brands and cement performing companies in Nigeria.

Cost & Price of BUA Cement in Nigeria

The BUA Cement price is pegged at N2500 – N2700 depending on location in Nigeria.

Elephant Cement

One of the top-quality cements in Nigeria is Elephant Cement. It is a very strong and solid cement brand adjudged as having the strength of an elephant.

Elephant Cement is mostly used for top and heavy constructions as it offers durability and power.

Lafarge, a leading cement manufacturing company in Nigeria is the producer of this quality cement brand.

Price & Cost of Elephant Cement in Nigeria

Elephant Cement comes majorly in 50 kg bag. The cost and price of 50kg Elephant cement is N2500.

Unicem Cement

Unicem Cement is another Nigeria’s best quality Cement. The Cement is a product of United Cement Company of Nigeria and Lafarge, Nigeria’s top cement manufacturer.

Unicem is widely used cement in most eastern Nigeria for various construction purposes. It is builder’s choice and reliable cement.

It is a cement one can trust for various constructions in Nigeria. Unicem Cement is manufactured at Calabar, Cross River state, Nigeria. It is one of the best-selling cements in southern Nigeria.

Cost & Price of Unicem Cement in Nigeria

Recent merger between United Cement Company of Nigeria and Lafarge has yielded positive results for production and distribution of Unicem Cement in Nigeria.

The current price of Unicem cement in Nigeria is between N2300 to N2600.

Eagle Cement

Eagle Cement is one of the top performing cements in Nigeria and is manufactured in Port Harcourt,Rivers state.

Eastern Bulkcem Company Limited is the producer and manufacturer of this top quality cement in Nigeria. Eagle Cement is in the league of Nigeria best cements.

Cost & Price Eagle Cement in Nigeria

The price of Eagle Cement in Nigeria is slated for between N2250 to N2600 depending on location and merchant.


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