Top 5 Best Radio Stations In Anambra State (2023)

The number of radio stations in Nigeria is growing rapidly as a result of liberalization of media ownership in the country.

best radio stations in anambra,nigeria

Both government and private individuals can own and operate mass media in Nigeria. Nigeria’s media ownership system has impacted on broadcasting in the country.

Radio is one of the major media of broadcasting in Nigeria the has become very potent and embraced by audiences.

There is no doubt that most people stay glued to their radio because radio is companionable and suiting. It very potent and transcend barriers like education, power etc.

Radio ecosystem in Nigeria is heavily dominated by private owned stations. Also, operation of radio stations in Nigeria has changed from what is used to be.

In this time, we now have radio stations renowned and known for operating on a singular niche like entertainment, sports and news.

Best radio stations in Nigeria and Anambra State are the stations with the largest audience and are the most listened radio stations one could find in Anambra and Nigeria.

Every radio station has a target audience, as such it is also important that advertisers identify the right radio stations that will serve as the conveyor belt for their products and services in other to achieve target audience and meet the goal.

In this article, top and best radio stations in Anambra State will be discussed. These are radio stations that are most listened to and most popular in Anambra State.

Top & Best Radio Stations In Anambra State, Nigeria

Some of the best radio stations in Anambra State have the largest audience base among radio listeners in the state.

Also, some of the best radio stations operating in the state are top radio stations in Nigeria operating in other Nigerian top cities and states.

Below is the list of some popular and best radio stations in Anambra State.

Wazobia FM Onitsha

Wazobia FM Onitsha is the best radio stations in Anambra with a very large audience and wide reach.

The radio station is a standout station for its uniqueness especially with the use of pidgin English language for broadcasting of its programs.

Wazobia radio Onitsha is also known as Mbada Station is one of many Wazobia radio stations owned and managed by Globe Communications Limited.

Wazobia is not only the best radio station in Anambra State but is a very highly regarded radio station in southeast Nigeria.

It is one of the best radio stations for advert placements because of its huge audience and is far-reaching.

The frequency of Wazobia radio Onitsha is 93.7 fm. Wazobia radio stations can also be found in the following Nigerian cities, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja and Kano. It is a highly entertaining radio station.

Brilla FM Onitsha

Brilla fm Onitsha, a sports radio operating in Onitsha and other Nigerian top cities is one of the best and most listened radio stations in Anambra State, Nigeria.

Brilla fm was established in 2002 by Larry Izamoje and has remained the only sports radio in Nigeria.

It one of the most popular radio stations in Anambra and entire Southeast Nigeria. The frequency of Brilla fm Onitsha is 88.9 fm. It is one of the best radio stations to reach out to youths and sports lovers.

Sapientia FM Onitsha

Another renowned and famous radio station in Anambra State is Radio Sapientia. This is a private commercial radio station established in 2011 by Sapientia International Media Centre.

Address of Sapientia Radio Onitsha is No, 9 Sophina Drive, Trans Nkisi, Onitsha, Anambra state.

It is one of the highly regarded and respected radio stations in Anambra State. Many traders market their products through the popular radio station. The frequency for Radio Sapientia Onitsha is 95.3 fm Onitsha.

Blaze FM Oraifite

Blaze fm Oraifite is a top and radio station with huge audience in Anambra State and environs.The radio station is part of Chrome Group owned by Anambra born business mogul, Sir Emeka Offor.

The frequency of Blaze fm is 91.5 fm. It is a good and best radio station to reach target audience during different campaigns.

Rhythm FM Awka

Rhythm fm Awka is a radio station owned by Silverbird group. It is one of the oldest private radio stations in Anambra State located off Enugu – Onitsha Expressway, Awka.

Rhythm fm also operates in other Nigerian cities like Benin, Port Harcourt etc. It is the radio station that plays the best music and jamz in Anambra State.

The frequency of Rhythm fm Awka is 95.7 fm. It is also a highly entertaining radio station.


Another radio station in Anambra State with high audience especially among the elderly is the state-owned radio station, Anambra broadcasting Service, radio (ABS, radio).

Despite not making the cut of the best 5 radio stations in the state, the radio station commands high audience among the elderly and civil servants in the state.

So, it can be considered as one of the best radio stations to reach a target audience of elderly and civil servants in the state.



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