Top 8 Best & Reliable Power Generator Brands In Nigeria (2021)

In Nigeria, families, businesses and offices relies on power generators as alternative power supply as a result of epileptic power supply ravaging the nation.

best power generators in nigeria

Millions of dollars have been spent on power by different Nigerian governments, yet the sector has remained as bad it can get.

This is an opportunity top tech firms and makers of power generators have taken advantage of.

There is no doubt that greater shipments of power generator into Africa end up in Nigeria.

As a result of the business opportunity Nigeria erratic power supply have created for tech companies into power generator production, the Nigerian market has been flooded with many power generator brands.

Some of these power generator brands are of great quality and reliable. However, some of power generator brands in Nigeria markets are far from meeting the top quality.

Power generator is not a cheap commodity and so when purchasing one, quality and durability should be highly considered.

Out of many power generator brands that are floating the Nigeria market, Nigerian Informer have reviewed and come up with best power generator brands in Nigeria market.

Best Power Generator Brands In Nigeria


One of the most durable and efficient power generators in Nigeria market is Kipor. Kipor power generator comes in different models.

Its heavy-duty brand runs on diesel while its advanced four stroke engine model run on fuel. Kipor generator is efficient, durable and fuel efficient.

Honda Power Generator

One of the most expensive and top-quality power generators in Nigeria is Honda. Honda generators start at a capacity of 0.45KVA to 8KVA.

Honda power generator is powered by advance four stroke engines. It is also fuel efficient and produces not too loud sound while functioning.


Though new in the Nigerian market, Luitan is gradually gaining ground in the market as a result of its ruggedness, fuel efficiency and durability.

It is also one of easily affordable power generators in the market.


Elemax is a household name among power generator brands. Elemax power generator is fuel efficient, durable and strong.

Elemax power generator power capacities start at 2KVA. Elemax also produces heavy-duty generators with capacities of 14KVA and 20KVA; these generators run on diesel and are suitable for big organizations and factories.


Thermocool power generator is a product of top tech company, Thermocool. Its power generator is one of the most reliable power generators in the market.

It comes in different power capacities like 3500ES,3800ES etc. Its button starter and key starter makes the generator classy and easy to use by all.


Elepaq produces generators with power capacities from 1.3KVA to 10KVA. Elepaq generators looks classy with great shapes and designs. Above all, they are efficient, durable and fuel efficient.


Tiger is a household brand among power generator in Nigeria. Tiger generators are portable and cost effective. Tiger power generator is of different power capacities and is fuel efficient.

Sumec Firman

Sumec Firman is a popular power generator in Nigeria with high reputation of its durability and ruggedness.

Best Heavy-Duty Power Generator In Nigeria

Heavy duty power generator is mostly used by organizations, churches and business outlets in Nigeria.

They are produced to take care of heavy power usage with ease. The top and best heavy-duty power generator in Nigeria include.

  • Mikano
  • FG Wilson
  • Perkins
  • Kipor


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