Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Ibadan, Oyo State (2023)

Oyo State Best Secondary Schools

It is a dream for most parents to see their children and wards acquire the best education and knowledge which will aid their overall growth and development.

top 10 best secondary schools in ibadan

Deciding the best schools and institutions to send one’s wards is daunting task. Also, some of the best schools are not cheap and doesn’t give the average parents chances.

Nevertheless, if you think education is expensive, then be it known to you that ignorance is more expensive.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be discussing top best secondary schools in Ibadan and Oyo State in general.

Ibadan is an ancient city and is highly significant to the Yoruba nation. Oyo State is one of the largest states in Nigeria.

The state is also highly populous and very close to Nigeria’s economic capital, Lagos.

For parents in the state who are caught up in the dilemma of which school will be best for their wards, this article answers all the questions.

Best Secondary Schools In Oyo State

Here is a roll call of the best secondary schools in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

Lead City International School

One of the very best secondary schools in Oyo State and located at Ibadan is the Lead City International School.

The school boost of quality academic facilities and infrastructure.

With highly qualified teachers, the students of the noble institution are given the best knowledge and learning.

The school is situated at 3, Baale Osuntokun road in Ibadan.

George & Duke International College

George & Duke International College aim to educate future leaders through imparting quality knowledge and molding characters of their students.

At the secondary school, students are challenged to be the best they can be.

With well-equipped libraries and laboratories, students of G&D international college are placed on path for success in their examinations.

Seed Of Life Schools

A private, co-educational christian school, Seed of Life Schools is one of the top secondary schools in Oyo State located at Ibadan.

The school also has Nursery and primary sections too. The school was established in 1991 and has grown into one of the best secondary schools in south west Nigeria.

The International School Of Ibadan

The International School of Ibadan is one of the best and first private schools in Nigeria.

It is co- educational secondary school owned by university of Ibadan.

The academic facilities and infrastructure at the school helps breed academic excellence among its students.

The school is located at Barth road of the University of Ibadan.

Lifeforte International School

Lifeforte International School is located at the Lifeforte Boulevard, Awaton GRA of Ibadan.

It is one of the best secondary schools in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. The institution was founded in 1990 by pastor Olubi.

The Vale College

The Vale College is an elite secondary school in Ibadan. The institution was founded through Solemilia Educational Trust as a co-educational secondary school on Monday, November 7, 1994.

The college has stood out for providing quality education and discipline among their students.

For parents who are in dilemma of best school in Ibadan, Vale College provides best option.

Christ The Ambassador International College

Christ the Ambassador International College is a co-educational international Christian school that breeds the best and brilliant students.

It is another great secondary school in Ibadan. The institution was founded in 1998.

It is a christian secondary school located at Christ Ambassadors International College, Alaafin avenue, Oluyole estate, ring road. Ibadan, Nigeria.

Rubies International College

Rubies International College was founded in September 2007 by Pastor Moses Aderogba Amure and Pastor Esther (Mrs) Olufunmilayo Amure of The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

At Rubies College, academic excellence, discipline and morals of the students are given paramount attention.

The school is a private christian co-education day and boarding school. It is one of the most popular and very best secondary schools in Ibadan.

Ascending College Ibadan

Ascending College is a top co-educational secondary school in Oyo State.

The school is located at 120 liberty road, off ring road Ibadan.

At Ascending College Ibadan, academic excellence and discipline comes first.

Amazing Grace International School

Amazing Grace International school is a great and one of the best high schools in Ibadan with international standards.

The school has quality staff that helps bring out the best in the students.

The school is located at 12/14 winjobi street old Ife road.


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