Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Ilorin, Kwara State (2023)

There are many great and wonderful secondary schools in Kwara state, North Central Nigeria.

best secondary schools in kwara state

In this article, we will be discussing the best 10 of these great secondary schools. Some of the parameters used in selecting these schools includes but not limited to academic excellence, discipline, infrastructure and morals standards.

From time to time, we shall be reviewing this list as we know that many schools keep springs up yearly and existing ones keeps evolving too.

The essence of this article is purely for informational purposes and not recommendation or promotional. This article will also be beneficial to parents and guardians.

Best Secondary Schools In Kwara State

Rehoboth College

Rehoboth college is a co-educational private secondary school established on August 2003.

The College sets out to produce hardworking, highly disciplined, and morally stable and God-fearing students with academic qualifications of international standard.

With adequate Infrastructure such as laboratories, libraries, e-learning facilities students of Rehoboth college are given 21st century learning experience.

The school also has a very safe environment that is well manned by security personnel. The institution also operates an updated curriculum.

Roemichs International School

Roemichs international school is a top and renowned international school in Kwara state.

At the school, unity, respect, cultural diversity and understanding are promoted and excellence in learning is achieved.

Roemichs international school combines Nigeria and United Kingdom education curriculum.

Learning facilities at the school is top notch and modern. The students of the noble institution are tutored by well qualified and certified teachers.

Performance of the school at national examinations is impressive.

Effective International College

Effective international college is co-educational private secondary school founded in 2003.

The school is known for academic excellence and smartness. The school is located at Ilorin the capital of Kwara state.

In order to maintain discipline and order, the school has a very high and strict code of conduct.

Some facilities at the school includes libraries, e-learning classroom, laboratories, games facilities etc. It is one of the top schools in Kwara state.

Adenike College

Adenike college, though established in 2011 has stood out with academic excellence and discipline among its students.

The school boost of providing qualitative education to its students and making leaders of tomorrow.

To ensure effective learning, Adenike college has modern facilities like computer laboratory with full internet facilities etc. The school is situated at Ilorin, the capital of Kwara state.

Chaste Intellect International School

Chaste intellect international school is a unique and quality secondary school in Kwara state.

It is a faith-based school which operates dual curriculum of conventional and Islamic education.

Chaste Intellect international school has the best facilities among Kwara state secondary schools.

The school standout with the following features: High academic standards, Moral and Islamic Education, well-equipped computer, science laboratories, well-stocked and child-friendly library, airconditioned classrooms with, swimming pool, sick-bay with professional medical personnel, and high security profile system.

His Grace Schools

His Grace schools is one of the best secondary schools in Kwara state. The school prides itself on grooming and nurturing industrious work force by producing upright and hardworking students.

The school is located at No 10, Oke-Ode Close, Beside Kwara State High Court of Justice G.R.A., Ilorin.

Royalpalm International College

Royalpalm international college is a top secondary school located at Ilorin. The school is grandly planned to give your ward premium learning experience.

The school structure is simply an edifice. Other facilities like different laboratories and libraries at institution is very standard.

Royalpalm international college classrooms are well air-conditioned for students’ comfort. The school is regarded as first among equals and operates updated curriculum.

Landmark University Secondary School

Landmark University secondary school located at Omu Aran, Kwara state is one of the finest secondary schools in the state.

It is a private secondary school with boarding facilities established in 2011. It is also a co-educational secondary school with quality Infrastructure and educational facilities.

The school is renowned for academic excellence and morals.

UNILORIN Secondary School

UNILORIN secondary school is a staff secondary school established to serve the children of the university staff as well as other parents who might want to enroll their children in the school.

It is private co-educational secondary school located at mini campus of the university. It was established in 1981.

The citadel of learning is regarded as one of the best secondary schools in the state and has great infrastructures for improved learning.

Federal Government College

Federal Government College, Kwara state is federal government owned secondary school situated in the state.

The school is usually called unity school and can be found in all states of federation. The college is a mixed school where students are nurtured by highly qualified and certified teachers.

The infrastructure at the school is good and may not be unconnected to high funds channeled into the schools by Nigeria Federal government.

Federal government College Kwara is located at Ilorin the state capital. The school seeks to educate young boys and girls for the future.


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