Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria (2022)

In this post, we will discuss Nigeria secondary school system.

Top best secondary schools in nigeria

To be specific, we will be providing the best rated and top ranked secondary schools in Nigeria.

In coming up with the list of best secondary schools in Nigeria, the following yardsticks will be considered which includes but not limited to learning facilities & Infrastructure, performance in national and international examinations, discipline and morals.

Nigeria secondary school system is a 3-3 system which stands for 3 years junior secondary school and 3 years senior secondary school.

Secondary school also known as high school or college in Nigeria has its ownership jointly shared between government and private entities.

The standard of education in Nigeria government owned secondary schools has been badly neglected for a very long time.

This ugly phenomenon gave rise to high emergence of private owned schools in Nigeria.

The private schools in Nigeria has competed and seems to have gained upper hand in provisions of quality secondary education in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, there still exist few government owned secondary schools that have kept pace with the schools in private sector.

In this article, we have selected best secondary schools in Nigeria from the combined thousands of both private and government owned secondary schools operating in Nigeria.

List Of Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria

Below is the best rated secondary schools in Nigeria.

These are the schools and colleges that serve as role model and set the pace in development and promotion of secondary school education in Nigeria.

Unsurprisingly, the best secondary schools in Nigeria are mostly found in Nigeria top cities like Lagos and Abuja.

Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja

Loyola Jesuit College Abuja is ranked the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

The co educational secondary is owned and managed by society of Jesus, a catholic congregation.

It is also the best all students boarding secondary school in Nigeria.

The Christian secondary school boost of top notch learning facilities like e-classrooms, laboratories, game facilities, libraries etc.

Discipline, moral and christian values are held very high at Loyola Jesuit College.

It is highly reputable secondary school in Nigeria.

American International School, Lagos

American international School Lagos is also rated one of the top best secondary schools in Nigeria.

The school also doubles as the best international secondary school in Nigeria.

The school offer both Nigeria and American Curriculum.

The learning facilities at American International School Lagos will unlock the hidden potentials in students.

It is also one of the most expensive secondary schools in Nigeria.

Kings College, Lagos

Kings College Lagos stands as the best government secondary school in Nigeria.

It is also one of the top secondary schools in Nigeria. The all boys secondary school is owned by federal government of Nigeria.

It is one of the secondary schools with most qualified teachers in Nigeria.

Kings College has a very rich history and is a secondary school with very strong alumni.

Atlantic Hall College, Lagos

Atlantic Hall College, Lagos, though one of the most expensive secondary schools Nigeria is of top quality.

The College is home for bright and intelligent students.

The school is sited on a very serene and safe environment fit learning.

The co-educational secondary school also has a boarding facilities of very high standards.

It is one of the secondary schools children of expatriates attends in Nigeria.

Regina Pacis, Onitsha

Regina Pacis, Onitsha won world high school debate championship in the year 2018 and that feat placed the all girls boarding secondary school in the list of best secondary schools in Nigeria.

The catholic owned secondary school is one of the best Christian secondary schools in Nigeria.

It is top performing school for all around development of girl child.

Regina Pacis performance in WAEC examination has been excellent and impressive.

It is one of the best private secondary schools in southeast and Nigeria in general.

British International School, Lagos

British international school Lagos is one of the most equipped secondary schools in Nigeria.

The international secondary school operate both Nigeria and British curriculum which aids students transition to abroad studies.

BIS as popularly called is a model among international secondary schools in Nigeria.

Kaduna International School

Kaduna International School is the best secondary schools in Northern Nigeria.

The top secondary schools is also rated the as one of the best in the country.

Kaduna International School operate both Nigeria and foreign curriculum.

State of art facilities like libraries, laboratories, e-classrooms at Kaduna International School aids the students in 21st century learning and education.

Whiteplain British School, Abuja

Also making the list of top performing secondary schools in Nigeria is Whiteplain British School situated at Abuja.

The school was founded in 2007 and has nurtured many experts in different fields.

The secondary school has quality infrastructure and high qualified staff.

It is one of the secondary schools with most qualified teachers in Nigeria.

Norwegian International School, Port Harcourt

Norwegian International School is a foreign secondary school operating in Port Harcourt Rivers state.

The school sits among the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

The school is located at GRA Phase 3 Port Harcourt and is one of the good secondary schools in Nigeria where science subjects are well taught.

Grange High School, Lagos

Grange High school Lagos is up there with the bests there is in Nigeria.

The school which is located at Ikeja Lagos is one of the top schools children of the rich likes to attend.

The school boost of solid infrastructure and qualified teachers.

The school is renowned for high academic excellence and discipline.

It is one of the highly regarded and respected secondary schools in Nigeria.

Austica Memorial College, Nanka, Anambra

Austica Memorial College located at Nanka, Anambra state is one of the best Nigeria secondary schools.

It is a good performing secondary school in Nigeria where a child can be well trained.

It is an all boys boarding secondary school where bullying is high prohibited.

The top Nigeria secondary school is a catholic mission secondary school owned and managed by catholic diocese of Ekwulobia.

Austica is a school where both discipline and academic excellence are well balanced.


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