Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Ogun State (2023)

No society can grow positively and economically without huge investment in education.

top 10 best secondary schools in ogun state

Education is a catalyst for building a sound, peaceful and viable state.

This post is a thorough review of the best secondary schools in Ogun state.

A state in south west geo-political zone of Nigeria, Ogun State is one of the richest and economic viable state in Nigeria.

The state is home to some great educationists and academic scholars in Nigeria. The state boosts of many higher institutions of learning and top-notch secondary schools.

Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state has some of the finest secondary schools not only in south west but Nigeria as a whole.

In this article, best secondary schools in the state will be discussed.

For parents and guardians within Ogun State and environs, this article will make your task of finding a good and befitting secondary school for your wards easy.

Best Secondary Schools In Ogun State

Here is list of the best rated secondary schools in Ogun state, Nigeria.

Rainbow College

Rainbow College was founded by Mrs. O. O. Odunlami. The school is a boarding co-educational secondary school located at Maba town Ogun State.

Rainbow College is a reputable secondary school is Ogun State. Rainbow College offer a balanced curriculum of Sports, Moral guidance, and leadership training.

Learning facilities like libraries and laboratories at the school will help any child build a strong foundation for his/her chosen academic field.

City Of Knowledge Academy (CKA)

City of Knowledge Academy is a world class secondary school situated at Abeokuta.

The school is a co-educational secondary school where young minds are given excellent academic and leadership trainings.

It is one of most outstanding secondary schools in Ogun State. Skills acquisition at the school is a must as every student is taught to play a music instrument.

The school also has robot club where students are taught about robots. City of Knowledge Academy is standing tall among the best secondary schools in not just Ogun State but Nigeria.

Vine Crest College

Vine Crest College is a co-educational secondary school established on 5th October 2017.

The institution is a boarding co-educational secondary and offer American Curriculum.

The school boost of highly qualified educators with each handling subjects related to their degree areas.

The school is out to help its students reach their potentials while inculcating discipline, morals and fear of God in them.

Noble House College

Noble House College is a top-notch secondary school located at Abeokuta. The school was established on 14th March 2006.

The school has picked some top awards like Association of International School Educators of Nigeria (AISEN) award.

Facilities such as classroom blocks, libraries and laboratories at Noble House College is of great quality and in shape to aiding the students learning.

Sacred Heart High School

This is a christian secondary school in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The school is known for high discipline and academic excellence among their students.

Facilities like libraries and laboratories of the school is up-to-date and in good shape for high performance of their students.

The Redeemers High School

Redeemers High School is a leading secondary school in Ogun State. The school has written its name in gold through academic excellence and discipline.

It is a school owned by Redeem Christian Church of God, a top Christian church in Nigeria.

The school was founded in 1998. It is a top-notch secondary school that offer both boarding facilities and day school system.

Basic learning facilities are in place for optimum performance of the students at the institution.

The Bells Comprehensive College Ota

Bell Comprehensive College was established in 1991 by former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

The institution is situated at Idiroko road in Ota, Ogun state. Since its inception, the school has been grooming and molding young minds to explore the world and achieve their dreams.

The state of art facilities at the school is world class and applauding. It is one of the top secondary schools in the state.

The Ambassador College

Ambassador College is an award-winning secondary school in Ogun State. The co-educational secondary school also has nursery and primary sections too.

At Ambassador College, students are challenged to be the best they can be.

Emerald School

Emerald school located at Mowe Ogun State is standing tall among the best secondary schools in Ogun State.

The school has qualified teachers and good learning facilities. At the school, discipline and morals are held very high.

The school is situated at large expanse of land which is serene and conducive for academic activities.

Trinity International College

Trinity International College is a prestigious secondary school established in 1998.

The institution has a boarding facility at Ofada Ogun State.

The school is well respected in the state because of its academic records, achievements as well as its students conducts.

Jextoban Secondary School

Jextoban Secondary School located at Ibafo is one of the best private international secondary schools in Ogun state.

It is a day co-educational secondary schools in Ogun state offering both Nigerian and British curriculum.

It is a good secondary school for science students in Ogun state.

Jextoban Secondary School is located at KM 36 Lagos/Ibadan expressway Ogun State Obafemi-owode, 110104, Aseese.

It a renowned top best Ogun secondary school.


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