Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Onitsha (2024)

Onitsha is commercial capital of Eastern Nigeria. The city is identified with having the largest market in Nigeria.

best secondary schools in onitsha

Onitsha not only houses that largest market in Nigeria, it is also one of the most populated Nigerian cities.

It is important to know that there are many good and top secondary schools in Onitsha.

These are schools for bright and intelligent students within Onitsha and environs.

Best secondary schools in Onitsha city will be talked about in this article.

The greater number of Onitsha inhabitants are youths and children. In trying to major up with its teeming population, the city also has a high number of secondary schools within its metropolis.

In this post, Nigerian Informer have decided to present top 10 best secondary schools within Onitsha.

These are schools where academic excellence, discipline and morals are held very high.

Best Secondary Schools In Onitsha

The major criteria used in rating and ranking of Onitsha best secondary school are infrastructure, academic excellence & performance, discipline and performance at external examinations.

Below is the list of best performing secondary schools in Onitsha.

Christ The King College (CKC)

Christ the King College Onitsha is an all-boys boarding secondary school. The school is located at the popular Oguta road Onitsha.

The school is renowned for producing some of Nigeria popular personalities like governors, minister and Top clergy men.

At the school, discipline and morals is paramount. It is owned by Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha.

Dennis Memorial Grammar School (DMGS)

Dennis Memorial Grammar school is an all-boys boarding school owned by Anglican diocese of Onitsha.

It is one of the oldest secondary schools in Onitsha. The school is renowned for excellent academic performance.

Regina Pacis

Regis Pacis is an all-girls secondary school situated at popular Awka road Onitsha. The school is fondly remembered for taking first position in world school debate championship.

It offers both boarding and non-boarding options. It is owned by Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha.

Queen Of Rosary College (QRC)

Queen of Rosary College Onitsha is an all-girls boarding secondary school. It is regarded as sister college to Christ the King College Onitsha.

For overall development of a girl child, Queen of Rosary College ticks all the boxes.

St. Charles College Onitsha

St. Charles College Onitsha is one of the oldest and popular secondary schools Onitsha.

The school is an all-boys boarding secondary school and have a division specially dedicated for science students.

St. Charles College maintains high level of academic excellence.

Susu College

Susu College is a private secondary school situated at old road Nkpor. At Susu College, students are admonished and pressed to work hard and excel in educational endeavors.

St. Anthony’s Secondary School Nkpor

St. Anthony Secondary School Nkpor is a mixed secondary school located at old road Nkpor.

The school does not offer boarding facilities. It maintains a high level of academic excellence and morals.It is owned by Onitsha Catholic Archdiocese.

Ebelechukwu International Schools Nkpor

The school was founded in 2007 and have continued to make steadily progress in developing facilities needed to promote quality education and child development.

The school stands out amongst contemporary schools in Onitsha metropolis.

Learning Field International School

Learning Field International School is a top-notch secondary school in Onitsha.

For more than 2 decades, the school has continued to promote quality education and child development.

The school is located at 13 Udodi St, Omagba Phase II, Onitsha.

Cor Maria Secondary School Nkpor

This an all-girls boarding secondary school managed by Catholic congregation sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Mother of God.

The school is built on large expanse of land and boost of quality educational facilities.

It owned by Catholic Archdiocese of Onitsha. At Cor Maria, discipline and fear of God is instilled in their students.

Federal Government Girls College (FGGC)

Federal government girl college situated at Onitsha is one of the top secondary schools within the city.

It is as well among the best schools in Onitsha for a girl child.

At FGGC Onitsha, expect your child to be trained and taught by best and top teachers with adequate learning materials. Discipline is also updheld in the college.


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