Top 10 Best Secondary Schools In Umuahia, Abia State (2021)

Abia state is more identified with industrialization and commerce. The state in southeast Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s oil producing states.

best secondary schools in abia state

Aba, a city in the state is one of the highly commercialized and industrialized cities in Nigeria.

Critics have argued that the state is yet to benefit infrastructure wise from different successive democratic government of the state.

However, education which is run by both government, church and private individuals is our concern in this article.

The state, being a commercial and oil producing states has a significant increased population.Greater number of these population are children and youths.

One of the major and primary responsibilities of parents and guardians is to send their wards to good and great schools where they will acquire a solid academic foundation which will aid their upward overall development.

This post will be focusing on a section of education which we consider very important, which is secondary school education.

Nigerian Informer will be profiling ten best secondary schools within Umuahia and Abia state at large. This is an information parents and guardians can take advantage of.

Best Secondary Schools In Abia State

Word of Faith Group of Schools

Word of Faith Group of Schools is a private Christian secondary school located at Aba commercial city, Abia State.

The secondary school is renowned for discipline and academic excellence. The school is well equipped to meet international standards.

Their classrooms environment is vibrant and academic stimulating. The institution has qualified teacher with right attitudes that helps bring the best out of the students.

Also available in the school is e-learning facilities. The school has participated and performed well in many external examinations.

Address of the institution is 39 Umuola Road, Ogbor-Hill Aba, Abia State, Nigeria.

Christland Mission School International

Christland Mission School International, Umuahia is a top Christian secondary school in the state.

The school is situated at a conducive learning environment. Learning facilities like libraries, e-library and laboratories at the institution is encouraging.

The school has qualified, dedicated and God-fearing teachers.

International Secondary School, Abia State University

International Secondary School, Abia State university is a top secondary school in the state.

The institution was established in the year 1990 as demonstration school for education faculty.

The school also function as university staff college. It is exclusively boarding with comfortable hostel facilities.

The secondary school have produced students who excelled in private and public examinations.

Facilities at the school is top notch and with wonderful academic infrastructure.

Premier International Secondary School

Premier International Secondary School, Aba is a top private secondary school in the state.

The school has a long history of academic excellence. It is one of the ten bests there is in the state.

With great teachers and solid infrastructure, the school achieves academic and overall development of students.

Britarch Schools

Britarch Schools Umuahia are a conglomerate of the first three tiers of the educational institution – the nursery, primary and secondary schools, which the Founder found expedient to bring together for an all-round development of any child admitted into the school.

The school also has branches at Abuja. All teachers and tutors at Britarch Schools are degree holders.

The school has quality infrastructure like laboratories, libraries, games facilities etc. It is one of the most respected secondary schools in Abia state.

Britarch Schools offer a rich variety of academic activities and co-curricular activities.

Dority International Secondary School

Dority International Secondary School, Aba is a top-notch secondary school in Abia state.

The institution situated at Aba commercial city provides qualitative education for its students.

The school has standard educational facilities like science laboratory, library, computer room etc.

The school has over 25 awards and achievements since 1997. The school was established in 1992 and is renowned for high discipline and academic excellence.

Federal Government Girls College

Federal Government Girls College Umuahia is an all-girls unity secondary school established by federal government of Nigeria.

The school also exists in other state of federation. The school was established in 1995 at the site of former Teachers Training College, Umuahia.

The college, which has experienced a tremendous infrastructural transformation, has produced many students who have served as veritable tools for national development.

The Federal Ministry of education has taken this center of academic excellence to greater heights by constructing an ultra-modern e-library in the college.

The school has some of the most qualified teachers and facilities among secondary schools in Abia state.

Royalties International Christian School

Next on our list of best ten secondary schools in Abia state is Royalties International Christian school.

The school recruits the best brains to teach and tutor the students. The school is renowned for high academic excellence. The school prepares students well for higher learning.

Living World Academy Secondary

Living World Academy Secondary, Aba was established in 1995. The school driving ideology has been Head and Heart connection which is geared towards academic excellence and character.

With highly qualified teachers and quality infrastructures, the institution, the school set out to raise up a generation of children with well-balanced mind and proven love for God and humanity as leaders of tomorrow, who are not only intellectually sharp, morally sound, but also spiritually strong.

Federal Government College

Federal Government College, Ohafia is a top unity secondary school owned by federal government of Nigeria under the supervision of Federal Ministry of Education.

The college was established in 1999 and has quality facilities and infrastructure for the comfort of the students. It is a boarding co-educational secondary school.


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