Top 5 Best Television Stations In Nigeria (2023)

Television is a very popular broadcast media among the Nigeria audience and populace.

best tv stations in nigeria

This article will seek to answer questions relating to what are the best television stations in Nigeria?.

Television is one of the most sought-after broadcast media.

The reasons are not far-fetched, television is one of very few media of mass communication that combines audio visual in its information dissemination.

This is one great feature which gives television an edge over some other broadcast medium.

Close to television in this regard is the new media which is internet. In line with popular quote that seeing is believing, audience accord so much credibility to television contents in Nigeria.

This makes television broadcasting business a very viable one in Nigeria. With a population of over 200 million, every television station in the country hardly, go without audience.

It is no surprising that the number of television stations in Nigeria continues to grow with each operating on a different programming content.

For businesses in Nigeria, these broadcast channels serve as a conveyor belts for promotion and advertisement of products and services.

Despite the growing numbers of television stations in Nigeria, there exist those occupying the top echelons of the industry.

These are stations that stands out and commands huge audience base, with quality and reliable contents.

What are the five best television stations in Nigeria? This is a question Nigerian Informer will answer below.

Major Television Stations In Nigeria

Here is list of major television stations in Nigeria with national and international coverage.

Arise TV

Arise TV has succeeded in building a very reputable news and current affairs television station in Nigeria.

It is one of the most watched television news channels in Nigeria. Arise TV is owned by Nigerian media mogul, Nduka Obaigbena.

Despite being a world news channel based in United Kingdom, the station has been able carve a niche for itself in Nigeria television broadcasting space through unbiased, unfiltered and apolitical reportage of events and happenings in the country.

The station has studios in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria. It is one of the television stations in Nigeria that has credibility and is well respected with high viewership.

Channels Television

Channels Television is the most popular private owned television station in Nigeria.

It is the second most popular television station in Nigeria behind Government owned Nigeria Television Authority.

It is 24 hours based independent news and media television based in Lagos Nigeria. It has won the best television station in Nigeria for a record of 13 times.

The television station is owned by John Momoh and was founded in 1995. In terms of quality and coverage, channels television has the crown.

However, the station has faced lots of criticism from many Nigerian audience who accused the television station of being pro government.

Nevertheless, it is still one of the best and biggest television stations in Nigeria and Africa with millions of audiences.

Television Continental (TVC)

Television Continental is a broadcast television station based in Lagos state Nigeria that provides quality programming contents on news, entertainment and talk shows.

The station is owned by former governor of Lagos state Bola Tinubu. Despite the station’s affiliation to the Nigerian ruling party through its owner, it is still one of the most watched and reliable television stations in Nigeria.

In terms of quality and coverage, TVC is up there with the bests.

Wazobia TV

This is a unique television station in Nigeria which combines the use of entertainment and pidgin English to approach national issues.

It is one of the few television stations that uses entertainment as their major selling or focal points.

It is a sister station to award winning radio station, Wazobia fm. The television station is very popular in Lagos and Port Harcourt Nigeria.

African Independent Television (AIT)

African Independent Television is a popular news, talks show and entertainment television owned by media mogul, Raymond Dokpesi.

It is one of the very first private television stations in Nigeria. It is a private television station that have stood test of time.

Despite having to battle with notion that it is pro opposition party in Nigeria, the station still command high viewership and audience.


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