Top 10 Best Transport Companies Traveling From Lagos To Eastern Nigeria (2023)

Best Road Transport Companies in Nigeria

To travel by road in Nigeria can be exciting and can as well present travelers with a horrible experience.

best transport comapnies in nigeria

State of some of Nigeria roads and unprofessionalism by some transport companies in Nigeria can leave travelers with a regrettable and bad experience.

Also, due to lack of other means of transportation in Nigeria like rail, most Nigerian travelers ply through the roads.

Road transportation in Nigeria is highly risky, because of this, only the best road transport companies in Nigeria should be patronized for safety and quality experience.

Lagos to Eastern Nigeria route is one of the busiest routes in Nigeria. It is route that is ever busy 24 hrs of the day.

A lot of transportation companies in Nigeria ply the Lagos to East routes, but only very few of them present the standards required for road transportation business.

Traveling from Lagos to Eastern Nigeria is a very long journey and as such travelers plying the route must find the bests of transport companies plying the route for their trips.

In as much as many travelers consider the ticket cost of the transport companies, quality should not be left out as many travelers have slept on the road because of using unprofessional and non-proactive transport companies.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be listing 10 best transport companies plying the Lagos to Eastern Nigeria route.

These are companies that have capacity and professionalism in the business of moving people and goods.

Some of these transport companies present travelers with first class treats and good memories travel experiences.

Ensure you only use or patronise reliable and best road transport companies in Nigeria for your long journeys.

The best transport companies for traveling from Lagos to Eastern Nigeria in no particular order are:

God Is Good Motors (GIGM)

God is Good Motors is considered the best road transport company in Nigeria. The transport company has revolutionized road transportation in Nigeria, by presenting travelers with exquisite and first-class treats.

The company is commonly referred to as “Airplane on the road”. It is a private owned transport company founded in 1998.

The company has terminals across major cities in Nigeria. Some of the boarding terminals of GIGM is like Nigeria airports.

The company is known for having some of the best and most sound buses in its fleet of transport buses.

It is one of the best transport companies to use or engage, if you are leaving Lagos to East or vice-versa. You can book your travel tickets online using the company’s mobile App.

Young Shall Grow Motors (YSGM)

One of the top transportation companies in Nigeria is Young Shall Grow Motors. Despite being established since 1972, the transport company has continued to be at the frontline of road transport business in Nigeria.

It is one of the transport companies in Nigeria with highest number of buses in its fleet. When it comes to Lagos to Eastern Nigeria route, Young Shall Grow Motors is a leading brand.

The company ply Lagos to East all round the clock. It is the only company with highest number of night buses for Lagos to East route.

The transport company also has quality buses and staff to make traveler’s journey stress free.

GUO Transport

This is another top transportation company in Nigeria. Just like Young shall Grow Motors, GUO Transport has numerous quality buses in its fleet.

The company is renowned for its uses of latest sienna cars for its executive class. The company is always ever ready to send emergency buses or cars in case of emergencies during trips.

Lagos to East route is one of their major and busiest routes in Nigeria.

Chisco Transport

Founded in the year 1978 by Dr. Chidi Anyaegbu, Chisco Transport has been one of the models for upcoming transport companies in Nigeria.

Travelers can book their tickets online at Chisco Transport website. It is one of the best transport companies for Lagos to Eastern Nigeria trips with sound buses.

Headquarters of Chisco Transport is at 104, Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponrin, Surulere, Lagos State.

Ifesinachi Transport Limited

Ifesinachi Transport Limited is owned by Anambra born philanthropist and entrepreneur, James Ogbonnaya Mamah.

The company has been a household name in road transportation business in Nigeria. Toyota Hiace is major buses in their fleet of buses.

For years, the company is one of the major transport companies plying Lagos to east route effortless. Their tickets can also be book online.

ABC Transport

ABC Transport is another top transport company that provides quality Lagos to Eastern Nigeria trip.

The company has some of the best buses one can find in fleets of top transport companies.

Ekeson Transport

The head office of Ekeson Transport is located at Jibowu Lagos. The company has been in the business of conveying people and goods since 80s.

The company has different brand of buses for different class of passengers. It is one of the most reliable transport companies in Nigeria and can be used when traveling from Lagos to Eastern Nigeria.

G. Agofure Motors

G. Agofure Motors has carved a niche for themselves in road transport business in Nigeria.

The company has continued to provide top transportation services to passengers since emerging on the Nigerian roads.

Lagos to East Nigeria is one of many routes the transport company covers effectively and efficiently.

Peace Mass Transit (PMT)

Peace Mass Transit is one of the most popular transport companies in Eastern Nigeria.

The company was founded in 1995 and has terminals in major southern Nigerian cities.

Their drivers are well trained, and buses tracked while on transit to maintain speed limit.

PMT cover Lagos to Eastern Nigeria routes effectively. Their tickets can be booked online or at their offices and terminals.

Cross Country Motors

Cross Country Motors is popularly referred to as “copers best friend”, this is because of their resolve to always convey corps members on transit at affordable rate.

The transport company is one of the best in Nigeria with fleet of air conditioning buses. It is one of the top transport companies one can use to make trip into Eastern Nigeria from Lagos.


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