Top 10 Best Wedding Colour Combinations in Nigeria (2023)

Best Colours for Weddings in Nigeria

Weddings are life memorable events for most Nigerians especially ladies.

Wedding colour combinations in Nigeria

This is why most Nigerians planing their weddings ticks all boxes to make their weddings glamorous and adorable.

Choosing the best colour of day for wedding in Nigeria can leave would be couples at extreme delimma.

No doubt most couples planning wedding in Nigeria take so much time in deciding the best Colour Combinations for their wedding.

This is because of the beauty and good looking environments that a good Colour Combinations gives a wedding.

In Nigeria, Colour Combinations in weddings has become a culture.

Intending couples even go as far as paying wedding planners and experts to help them decide on which Colour that best suits or makes their wedding rich and admirable.

This is why this post will discussing the best Nigerian wedding Colour Combinations.

This will help intending couples who are looking to get help about deciding for the best Colour Combinations for weddings in Nigeria.

Best Nigeria Wedding Colour Combinations

Below are some wedding Colour Combinations that are considered the best in Nigeria and helps make wedding look great and memorable.

Best wedding Colour dress are discussed as follows.

Pink & Silver

A combination of pink and silver has proven to be among the best wedding colour combinations in Nigeria.

The two Colours pairs and complement each other well.

Pink is a very versatile and universal color that can as well be paired with other colors like gold, beige.

Having a combination of wedding clothes and dress from pink and silver for sure makes the event beautiful and lovely.

Black / White & Champagne Gold

Most Nigerians wedding celebrants have continued to rely heavily on champagne gold as their wedding colour.

This is because of the glamouring looks the Colour brings.

Champagne Gold Colour is a universal Colour which can be paired with so many other Colours such as white or black.

So, this is why hardly is their any wedding without champagne gold Colour in Nigeria.

It makes weddings decoration looks cool, classy and elegant.

It is one of best wedding colour combinations in Nigeria.

Peach & Green

Another good wedding colour combinations in Nigeria is peach and green.

The two Colours are very popular and dazzling Colours that enrich an event like wedding.

Peach Colours are bright and complement green which is heavy to give best Colour looks for weddings.

Many say peach Colour looks better on brown skin or chocolate skin people and is a good wedding colour combinations for people with brown or chocolate complexion.

Wine & Pink

Wine and Pink Colours can be combined to give a wedding best of its looks and atmosphere.

Wine colors are very trendy and creates elegance atmosphere.

When wine Colours are combined with Pink, it is gives a very bright and classic look and Colour Combinations.

It is another best colour combinations for weddings in Nigeria.

Orange & Gold

Orange Colours are very beautiful and can make a wedding very adorable and glamor.

Orange Colours can be paired with Golds colors for best wedding colour combinations.

Apart from gold Colour, orange can also be paired with delicate peach, cream, light brown, soft pink, pale coral and sky blue to give a good and bright atmosphere and Colour Combinations.

Yellow & Blue

Another good wedding colour combinations is Yellow and Blue Colours.

Yellow Colours has always been associated with happiness and merriments.

Its combination with blue color which looks refreshing can make your wedding talk of town and event to remember.

Blue colour can as well be worn or combined with other Colours like champagne gold, peach and white and this can still make your wedding colour glamorous and top notch.

Red, Orange & Sage

The Colours red, orange and sage can go together to give the best wedding Colours and dazzling looks and shines.

It is a good Colour Combinations for weddings that is not so common in Nigeria.

Blue, Orange & Yellow

Your wedding can get tongues wrangling positively for these colour combinations of Orange, Blue and yellow Colours.

Also, having flowers of these Colours for your wedding can show how special moment it is.

Blue, Purple, Gold & Black

Here is another exquisite colour for wedding especially here in Nigeria.

Black and gold Colours has blended nicely for weddings Colours especially when supported or combined with purple and blue.

Pink & Yellow

Pink and Yellow Colours when blended together as wedding colour can give the best moment for couples.

The Colours is very cheerful, smart and buzzing for weddings. It is another best ans top colour combinations for weddings.


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