Top 10 Biggest Football Stadiums In England (2024)

To an average football fan and players, football stadiums are not just playing ground or pitch but a home. Lets take your round England’s biggest football stadiums and pitch.

biggest stadiums in england

The way football is lived in England is so great and passionate that some stadiums in the state are always remembered by their capacity as well as their special moments.

In the game of football, the football fans are the twelfth player as their presence and importance can win games.

Some iconic stadiums in England have huge capacity which houses and accommodates greater number of their fans who are constantly cheering the team.

It is passion of every teams to play behind thousands of their fans and that is why football clubs are always exploring options of expanding their stadium capacity.

Some stadium in England are iconic, fortress and always remembered for special moments.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will take you round ten biggest stadiums in England.

These are stadiums with high seating capacity and expanded pitch. As a soccer and football fan, this information will arm you for sound football arguments.

Biggest Soccer Stadiums In England

Here is list of 10 football stadiums in England with most seat capacity.

#1. Wembley Stadium – 90,000 Seats

Newly remodeled Wembley stadium is the biggest in England and second biggest soccer stadium in the world with 90,000 seating capacity.

It is regarded as England national football stadium and home to national football teams.

Also, most major soccer events in England is being hosted at the stadium like FA cup finals, EFL cup finals etc.

The iconic stadium has as well hosted top football events like champions league finals in 2013.

#2. Old Trafford – 76,000 Seats

Old Trafford is the second biggest football stadium in England with a seating capacity of 76,000.

The stadium is home ground for one of the world biggest football clubs, Manchester United.

It is one of the stadiums that brings back memories of football iconic moments like 2003 champions league finals.

#3. London Stadium – 66,000 Seats

London Stadium is 3rd biggest English football stadiums and biggest football stadium in London.

The stadium is home ground for West Ham United. It was remodeled from athletic stadium to football stadium after 2012 London Olympics.

The stadium has 66,000 seating capacity. Since moving into the new and beautiful stadium in 2016, little can be said about the team’s performances.

#4.Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – 62,062

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is one of the biggest English football stadiums with seating capacity of 62,062.

It is the home ground for one of the Premier league’s elite teams, Tottenham Hotspur who before 2019 were playing at White Hart Lane.

The stadium naming right hasn’t been sold yet hence the name, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

#5. Emirate Stadium – 60,260 seats

The home ground to Arsenal Football Club, Emirate stadium is one of the ten biggest English football stadiums.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 60,260. Since opening in 2006, the club is yet to taste league glory at the beautiful stadium.

Nevertheless, FA cup and Community Shield titles has been claimed at the stadium by Gunners.

#6. City of Manchester Stadium (Etihad) – 55,097 Seats

City of Manchester Stadium also known as Etihad stadium is on the list of ten biggest English football stadiums with seating capacity of 55,097.

The stadium is home ground for record breaking and English champions, Manchester City football club.

The stadium was renamed Etihad stadium after striking 10 years deal with Etihad airlines in 2011. The deal saw Manchester City pockets £120 million.

#7. Anfield – 54,074 Seats

Anfield which has been turned to fortress by a resilient Liverpool team is one of the top ten biggest stadiums in England.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 54,074 and is home ground for Liverpool football club.

It is one of the most feared stadiums in European football in the recent times with 4:0 demolition of Barcelona enough said.

#8. St. James Park – 52,354 Seats

Newcastle United home ground St. James Park is one of the biggest soccer stadiums in England with 52,354 seating capacity.

Since 1892, the magpies have been playing at the historic ground. The stadium is a place to be during the mesmerising days of Alan Shearer.

#9. Stadium of Light – 49,000 Seats

Also, on the list is Sunderland home ground, the Stadium of Light. The football arena has a seating capacity of 49,000.

#10. Villa Park – 42,785 Seats

With seating capacity of 42,785, Villa Park, home ground for Aston Villa football club completes our list of England’s top ten biggest stadiums.

Despite its long years of existence, the stadium has remained in use in England top-flight football. However, plans are underway to expand the iconic stadium to 50,000 seating capacity.


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