Top 10 Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria (2024)

In this article we will be providing the highest paying companies in Nigeria.

Highest paying Companies In Nigeria

It is over laboring the obvious to say that passion to some extent is driven by money especially in Africa, where citizens provide almost every basic amenities for themselves.

In this article, our major focus will be on Nigeria best paying companies and sectors.

Nigeria’s highest paying companies are predominantly oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

One of the major yardstick people consider before choosing a particular job or working for a company is the remunerations that they stand to earn.

There is no doubt that good pay and remunerations helps keeps workers motivated and dedicated.

High paying companies in Nigeria tends to have more friendly and dedicated staff than the opposite.

Highest paying companies in Nigeria cuts across different sectors, from oil and gas to Finance, Tech, Telecommunications etc.

In this post, we have come up with list of companies that pays the highest salary in Nigeria.

These are companies most people loves to work for in Nigeria.

Highest Paying Companies In Nigeria

Below is the review of highest salary paying companies in Nigeria.

Shell Nigeria

Shell Nigeria, a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, a renowned world energy company is the highest paying company in Nigeria.

Shell is one of the pioneers stakeholders in development of Nigeria petroleum Industry.

It is the highest oil and gas paying company in Nigeria too. An entry-level Engineer in shell earn around N1.2 million monthly.

Shell provides a conducive working environment for its staff in Nigeria and sponsor their staff for training overseas.

The salary and remunerations Shell Nigeria offers to its employees makes them attract the best brains in the sector to their company.

Mobil Nigeria

Mobil Nigeria is another Nigerian company that pays the highest salary.

The company is an oil and gas engineering company and is a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, world top energy provider.

Mobil is a company that most Nigerian applicants wish to associate with. The company is also known for its high salary and allowances.

Entry level skill staff at Mobil Nigeria earn around N900,000 per month. Mobil Nigeria doesn’t hold back when it comes to staff and workers welfare.

It is one company Nigeria engineers wants to work with.

MTN Nigeria

MTN Nigeria is the highest paying telecommunication company in Nigeria.

It is also one of the companies that pays highest salary in Nigeria.

MTN is the largest telecommunication company in Nigeria and it soughts for the best brains to help drive the ever evolving telecommunication world.

Full-time staff at MTN earns above N5000,000 monthly depending on the department.

The staff of MTN technical departments earn far above those in non technical departments.


Another top oil and gas company making the list of best paying companies in Nigeria is Chevron.

Chevron is one of the major energy companies operating in Nigeria oil fields.

It is also one of the most sought after companies by Nigeria applicants.

Nestle Nigeria

The largest food company in the world Nestle has a subsidiary in Nigeria known as Nestle Nigeria.

Nestle Nigeria is rated as one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria.

Nestle products are is fast moving goods and food products in Nigeria. Some of their popular products are Nestle coffee, cereal, Tea etc.

Nestle provides health, education and housing allowance to its staff. Some staff of Nestle Nigeria smile home each month with salary package of around N650,000.

Total Nigeria

Total Nigeria, a subsidiary of France top oil and gas engineering company Total is also ranked as one of the Nigeria companies that pays good salary.

Total Nigeria is into both upstream and downstream sectors of oil and gas development in Nigeria.

Welfare of staff is one of the core values of Total Nigeria.


KPMG is a global auditing and accounting firms operating in Nigeria.

The company is a client to Nigeria richest bank, Zenith bank as well as to some other top companies like Total Nigeria and Unilever.

KPMG is also a high paying company in Nigeria. Average salary of a skilled staff of KPMG in Nigeria is around N250,000 each month.

Dangote Cement

Dangote Cement is the biggest Cement company in Africa with operations in over 15 African countries.

It is one of the highest revenue generating companies in Nigeria.

Dangote Cement offer high pay cheque to its staff monthly.


Interswitch is Nigerian biggest online payments processing and facilitating company.

It is the company that revolutionalised online payments in Nigeria.

The company attracts best brains in tech industry and nurtures its staff to be highly productive and resourceful.

Entry level software engineer at Interswitch earn an average of N450,000 per month.
Staff of the company also enjoys free breakfast and launch in the company.

It is one of the highest paying companies in Nigeria.

Nigeria Breweries

Nigeria Breweries pay its staff some of the biggest salaries in Nigeria.

The beverage production company is one of the largest in west Africa.

Different allowances are also available to the staff of Nigeria Breweries.


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