Top 10 Highest Paying Construction Companies in Nigeria (2024)

Construction Companies That Pay Highest Salaries in Nigeria

Salaries and remunerations are very important factor in picking up an appointment or choosing best construction company to build career with in Nigeria.

top construction companies in nigeria

Nigeria is a developing nation and as such can be described as construction site. As an engineer looking to build career with top construction and engineering companies in Nigeria, remuneration cannot be ignored.

Some of the world’s biggest construction and engineering companies operates in Nigeria. This post will consist list of highest and best paying construction companies in Nigeria.

The country boost of well trained young engineers and architects who are contributing immensely to the development of infrastructures in the nation.

Some construction companies in Nigeria are known for their pedigree in keeping to standards and improved workers welfare.

These are the construction companies most Nigerian engineers likes to work with.

It is against this backdrop that this article is focused on the list of construction companies that pays best salaries.

They can as well be referred to as the best construction companies to work for in Nigeria.

Best Paying Construction Companies in Nigeria

Below is the list of top construction firms in Nigeria that pay good salaries.

Most of the construction companies listed here are world renowned construction firms.

Arab Contractors

Arab Contractors is one of the foreign construction companies in Nigeria that pays big salaries and remunerations to its workers.

The top company is headqutered in Egypt and is very much operational in Nigeria especially in Abuja, the Nigeria’s capital city.

The construction company salary of its workers is among the largest in Nigeria.

Arab Contractors is also known for handing some big and magnificinet projects in Nigeria.

A fresh civil engineer who joins Arab Contractors could earn around N180,000 per month. It is a good paying construction company in Nigeria.

Setraco Nigeria Limited

Setraco Nigeria Limited is among top construction companies that pays its staff highest salaries.

Setraco has operated in Nigeria for over 2 decades and remunerations of their staff takes a very important place in the operation of the construction firm.

Experienced engineers at Setraco earn around N250,000 while fresh engineers rakes about N140,000 each month.

China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC)

China Civil is among construction companies in Nigeria that pays the best salaries to their staff.

The Chinese owned construction firm is highly reputable in Nigeria and has handles big project like rail way construction in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, fresh engineers that work for China Civil are paid around N200,000 monthly.

Julius Berger Nigeria Plc

Julius Berger Nigeria Plc is one of the best and most popular construction companies in Nigeria that Pay Highest salaries.

The company is good at executing top constructions and structures.

On Average, fresh engineers earn around N180,000 per month at Julius Berger Nigeria Plc.

Reynolds Construction Company (RCC)

Reynolds Construction Company is one of the best construction companies to work for as a young engineer.

The Switzerland company has contributed in no small measures to growth of infrastructure in Nigeria.

At RCC, staff welfare is given upmost attention. It is one of few construction companies that pays its staff very well in Nigeria.

Dantata and Sawoe Construction Company

Dantata and Sawoe construction company is one of the few Nigeria indigenous construction companies that pays well.

The company is often regarded as the biggest private owned construction company in Nigeria.

Graduate of Civil engineering at Dantata and Sawoe construction company earn around N145,000 every month.

Costain West Africa

With an average salary of N130,000 for its graduate engineers, Costain West Africa joins the league of Nigeria top construction companies with good salary and remunerations.

Brunelli Construction Company

Brunelli Construction Company popularly known as BCC is at the top echelons of best paying construction companies in Nigeria.

The Italian company which was incorporated in 1972, has done some top jobs in jetty construction and diaphragm walls installation.

Adold Engineering Company

Adold Engineering Company limited also made the list of highest paying companies in Nigeria with their top engineers receiving an average salary of N150,000 monthly.

Saidi Nigeria Limited

Another construction company that Nigerian engineers likes to work for is Saidi Nigeria Limited.

The company has done marvelously well in estate and dams development in Nigeria. It is among engineering companies in Nigeria that pay highest salaries.


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