Top 10 Highest Paying Law Firms in Nigeria (2024)

Law Firms That Pays Highest Salaries in Nigeria

Salaries and earnings of lawyers in Nigeria is an information many are willing to access in Nigeria.

The reasons for this are not far-fetched, law is a noble profession and lawyers are highly regarded and respected in Nigeria.

best paying law firms in nigeria

Finding out how much lawyers are paid in Nigeria is not an easy task due to how broad the profession and our country is.

However, our team of writers was able to navigate through some of the biggest law firms in Nigeria to obtain the classified information about the salary structure of lawyers in Nigeria.

The study points the law firms in this post are among the best and highest paying law firms in Nigeria.

This blog post will focus on biggest law chambers in Nigeria that pay highest salaries to lawyers.

It is no longer news that most fresh lawyers start off their careers by working in law firms and chambers. During these times, these young counsels are paid while they assist their firms in their discharge of legal services.

Some of the best paying law firms in Nigeria are the biggest law firms and chambers you can find across the country.

These Nigeria top law firms represent big clients like politicians and consults for top companies and multinationals.

Information concerning salary of lawyers in Nigeria is always significant and is attached so much importance especially by students of law discipline.

Before we provide information about the highest paying law firms in Nigeria, it should be noted that a lawyer who doesn’t work under a law firm can make much money practicing and providing legal services to members of public.

In other words, working in good paying law firms doesn’t automatically make one the richest lawyer. Nevertheless, it is an opportunity most new and young lawyers would want to hold onto.

List of Best Paying Law Firms in Nigeria

Below is the list of law firms in Nigeria that pays the highest salaries to their staff. These firms are always among the top firms in legal arena in Nigeria.

Olaniwun Ajayi LP

Olaniwun Ajayi LP is ranked as one of the highest paying law firms in Nigeria. The law firm has worked for some of the wealthiest Nigerian and has represented some of the biggest foreign investors and Multinationals in Nigeria.

The law firm hires some of the smartest and best brains in the legal field. Olaniwun Ajayi LP is leading the list of best paying Law firms in Nigeria with a monthly salary for their entry-level lawyer put at around N140,000.

Aluko and Oyebode

Also highly rated among law firms that pay high salary is Aluko and Oyebode. The law firm is one of the most popular and reputable firms in the legal industry.

Aluko and Oyebode has offices in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. They have represented some big national and international clients in Nigeria. New and fresh lawyers in this law firm are paid N120,000 monthly.


Aelex, a top law firm in Nigeria is also in the class of highly paying law firms in Nigeria. The legal firm has offices across major Nigerian cities and outside Nigeria too.

They also represent some of the biggest companies in Nigeria like IBM. Salary of new lawyers at Aelex is around N90,000 monthly. It is one of the top paying Law firms in Nigeria.

Gani Fawehinmi Chambers

Gani Fawehinmi Chambers is no doubt one of the most popular law firms in Nigeria. The law firm is not just popular, it is also a good paying law firm.

The firm which is headquartered in Lagos Nigeria was founded by a renowned legal luminary, late Chief Abdul- Ganiyu Oyesola Fawehinmi.

The firm stand in for some of the biggest companies and industries in Nigeria in legal matters. It joins the league of best paying law firms in Nigeria with their entry-level lawyer earning around N95,000 per month.

Elias & Co

Also making the highly competitive list is law firms that pay the biggest salaries in Nigeria is Elias & Co. The law firm has offices in Abuja and Lagos.

They are expert in corporate and financial disputes. Elias & Co acquires only very smart and brilliant brains in law fields.

Salary of Elias & Co for new employed staff is around N135,000 monthly. The firm also offers good working conditions to their lawyers and other staff.

Salary of Lawyers in Nigeria

Ajumogobia and Okeke

Ajumogobia and Okeke is another law firm in Nigeria that pays very well. The firm which has its head office located in Lagos Nigeria is home to some of big lawyers in Nigeria.

Every year this firm look out for fresh brilliant lawyers to add to their employ. Ajumogobia and Okeke salary for new lawyers is around N90,000.

Udo Udoma and Bello Osagie

This law firm is known for grooming and nurturing of young lawyers in legal field. It among law firms in Nigeria that offer good salary package to their staff.

Multiple trusted sources confirmed that Udo Udoma and Bello Osagie law firm pay around N80,000 to their new employed lawyers monthly. This salary continues to grow depending on the progress of career of the lawyers.


Hard not to make the list of best paying law firms in Nigeria is Templars. This law firm represents some big institutions like top hotels, shipping companies and financial institutions.

Since its inception, the firm has done marvelously well in representing the interest of their clients. Newly employed fresh lawyers at Templars earn around N100,000 per month.

Abdulahi, Taiwo & Co

The salary structure offered by Abdulahi, Taiwo & Co makes earning of lawyers in Nigeria encouraging and cool.

The firm was established in 1976 and is heavily into real estate businesses. They also consult for international companies operating in Nigeria.

The law firm offer around N80,000 monthly salary to their newly employed lawyers.

Banwo & Ighodalo

Banwo & Ighodalo was established in 1991 by Femi Olubanwo and Awe Ighodalo. The address of the law firm is 98 Awolowo Rd, Ikoyi, Lagos.

They also represent and consult for big business and organizations in Nigeria. They are also included among high paying law firms in Nigeria with their entry-level lawyers receiving over N100,000 as monthly salary.


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