Top 10 Largest Towns In Anambra State (2023)

Anambra State is in southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It is a state dominated by mostly Christians and is renowned for its all-round development and commercial activities.

largest towns in anambra state

The state is blessed with both human and natural resources. It has been observed that Anambra State has the highest volume of natural gas deposit in Africa.

Some of the most prominent personalities in the state are late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, late Prof Chinua Achebe, Late Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Mr. Peter Obi and host of other renowned entrepreneurs.

The state is closely following Lagos state in terms of even and all-round development of the state.Hence, greater parts of the state can be termed semi urban centers. The major cities of the state are Onitsha, Awka, Nnewi, Ekwulobia and Umunze.

Anambra State is made up of 177 towns and 21 local government areas. In this article, 10 largest towns in Anambra State will be listed and discussed.

The criteria for selecting the largest towns in the state is based on land mass and geographical territories.For clear directions, the list is not about the most populated towns but the biggest by territories and indigenes.

Largest Towns In Anambra State

These are Anambra top largest towns and villages.


Agulu is a town located in Anaocha local government area of Anambra State. It is one of the largest towns in Anambra state with over 21 villages.

It is the biggest town among all towns in Anaocha LGA. Two most prominent sons of Agulu are Mr. Peter Obi and Mr. Eric Okoye (CEO Juhel pharmaceutical).


Another town making the list of largest towns in Anambra State is Ogidi town located in Idemmili North local government area of Anambra State.

Ogidi is best known for its mid-July annual Nwafor Festival. The most prominent son of the town is iconic writer, late Prof. Chinua Achebe. Ogidi houses the biggest building Material market in Anambra State.


Awkuzu town in Oyi local government of Anambra State is up there with the largest towns in the state.

The town has over nine (9) large villages. It is also a town partly dominated by students of Anambra State owned university, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam campus.

The most prominent son of Awkuzu town is His Grace, The Most Rev. Maxwell.C. Anikwenwa the retired Bishop of Awka, Archbishop Province on the Niger and the Dean Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.


Awka town which is also the seat of Anambra State government covers some of the biggest land mass in Anambra state.

Awka town has a total of 33 villages and is located under Awka south Local council of Anambra State.

It is also the host community of prestigious Nnamdi Azikiwe University. The most prominent son of the town Prof Kenneth Dike, A great historian.


Also making the list is Ekwulobia town in Aguata Local Government of Anambra State. The town has nine villages which is divided into two traditional divisions.

It is one of the most commercialized towns in Anambra State. Sir Joseph Ezeokafor, MD Jezco group is the most prominent son of the town.


Nnewi town is regarded as Japan of Africa. It hosts the biggest bike and motorcycle market in West Africa.

Nnewi is also one of the largest towns in Anambra State. The town has about 2.5 million residents.

It is also one of the most industrialized towns in Anambra State. The most prominent sons of Nnewi town are Cletus Ibeto, Cosmas Maduka & Innocent Chukwuma (CEO Innoson Motors).


Nanka town in Orumba North local government of Anambra State is made up of 7 major large villages.

The most popular and busy market in the town is Afor udo market. The most prominent son of Nanka town is chief Polycarp Emenike (CEO Neros Pharmaceutical).


Aguleri town in Anambra East local government area of Anambra State in terms of land mass and territory is one of the largest towns in Anambra with a landmass of about 380 square kilometers.

The town is one of the major agrarian towns in Anambra State. Blessed Iwene Tansi and Willie Obiano are most prominent sons of the town.

Igbo Ukwu

The ancient Igbo Ukwu town is one of the largest towns in Anambra State. The town is known for its rich cultural heritage and has site of national museum.


Onitsha town is the most populous towns in southeast geopolitical zone and one of the largest towns in Anambra State.

By population, Onitsha is the biggest, however, when it comes to land mass, towns like Agulu, Awkuzu are larger.Nevertheless, Onitsha is one of the largest towns in Anambra State. It is also the most commercialized city in the state.

The most prominent sons of the town are late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Igwe Alfred Achebe (Obi if Onitsha) and popular highlife musician, Ikem Mazeli.


Aguleri in Anambra North senatorial district is easily one of Anambra largest towns and villages.

The town is where the diocese of Aguleri is located. It is one of the semi urban centers and cities in Nigeria.


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  1. Anyaeche Chukwudi

    Thanks for your contribution but I think Orkija and Umueri should come among the top ten. It is equally good to have each town with their square meter attached.

  2. You’ve done well, but you’re list ain complete if Anam is not added.

  3. You statistically failed woefully, based on landmass. Because, towns like Anam, Okija and Ukpor are the three largest towns in Anambra state.

    Each of them happens to be about two times larger than Nnewi-north in land mass, just like Edo state is about five times of Lagos state in terms of landmass.

    Get your facts right and more specified, man, and quit confusing yourself with human population and landmass.

    1. Which Anam are you talking about? Anam that we all know or is there anywhere else they have reserved land? Anam is a small town both in human population.

      1. It’s like you’ve never been to Anam, the town we talk about is about 3 – 4 times larger than Onitsha north and south local governments combined. Just that it’s undeveloped, it’s about 80 – 85% forest. Get your information right.

      2. My brother go get your fact correct, This is capital failure. Maybe when they talk about land mass, your brain go straight to population. Go and do the study before coming up here to post trash. Nonsense.maybe when they talk about Anam, you think about a village in anam. Probably umuoba anam. You failed woefully here and better delete this nonsense until you get your facts correct.

  4. Naming the sons of Nnewi….you Neva mentioned sir dim chukwuemeka odumeegwu ojukwu;ikemba 1 of Ndiigbo….. that’s a disrespect for not mentioning him 🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  5. You mentioned all according to landmass but you didn’t mention UMUERI (OKE EBO CITY), Anam, Okija

  6. Even Ifite dunu and Nteje is not there

    1. The poster is wrong aguleri is the biggest town in anambra state in times of land mass we have no contest

  7. Okija is the most popular town in Anambra state
    With 32 villages
    So mind u
    Before wroth of the gods descend on u

  8. Like seriously? Make your research,Anam is the largest town in Anambra (if not the whole of Igbo land)

  9. This is not true. Omor is largest town in Anambra with about 24 big villages

    1. wrong in times of biggest local government ayamelumu is first but in times of town land aguleri has the biggest land in anambra state

      1. Anambra West is the biggest local government bro. It’s about 945km² which is about 20% of entire land in Anambra. Ayamelum is second go and verify.

  10. Mbah peter chukwuneta

    Agulu seens to be large 21 major village,in land mark, agulu lake, agulu erosion,it borders 10 town

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