Top 6 Major Seaports In Nigeria & Locations (2024)

Seaports in Nigeria can be found at the coastal areas and territories of the country. If you looking to find the number of seaports in Nigeria, you will find this article helpful.

The major seaports in Nigeria are Rivers Port Complex, Onne Port Complex, Delta Port, Calabar Port Complex, Tin Can Island Port and Lagos Port Complex.

major seaports in nigeria

Nigeria is a major exporter of crude and a high importer of finished products like technology, foods, clothing etc.

This makes seaports very vital to Nigeria’s trade and commerce.

To discover Nigeria’s major seaports in Nigeria for cargoes, read through this article.

The importance of seaports to the growth of Nigerian economy cannot be overemphasized. The above fact justifies the recent actions of Nigeria federal government to create more ports and revamped some already existing seaports.

Nigerian seaports are managed by government body known as Nigerian Port Authority (NPA). This regulation body oversee the overall running of all seaports in Nigeria.

All seaports in Nigeria are in southern Nigeria as a result of coastal nature of the terrain. Also, the state where Nigerian seaports are located share maritime boarders with Atlantic Ocean.

In a bid to improve trade and commerce, lessen pressure on Nigeria roads, the federal government of Nigeria is working toward developing more seaports in southern Nigeria and dry ports in northern Nigeria.

Until these projects comes into fruition, the major and operational seaports in Nigeria is six in number.

In this article, Nigerian Informer will be reviewing the major seaports in Nigeria. These seaports are very central and vital to free flow of business in Nigeria.

Seaports In Nigeria & Locations

Below is the comprehensive list of all operational seaports in Nigeria and the states where the seaports are located.

Lagos Port Complex

Lagos Port Complex also known as Apapa Quays is the largest seaport in Nigeria. Lagos Port Complex is an international certified seaport by International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The Seaport is located at Lagos state, the Nigeria’s most populous state and center of commerce.

Lagos Port is the biggest Seaport in Nigeria and the first seaport in the country founded in the year 1913.

In the year 2006, in a bid to facilitate effective operation and running of the port, federal government of Nigeria concessioned Lagos Port Complex to private entities for effective operation.

Apapa Bulk Terminal Ltd. (ABTL), AP Moller Terminal Ltd. (APMT), ENL Consortium Ltd, are some of private terminal operators in Lagos port Complex.

The port receives some of the largest cargoes visiting Nigerian’s shores and has good security systems with CCTV cameras installed at the port.

Tin Can Island Port

Tin Can Island Port is one of the two major seaports in Lagos state. Tin Can Island Port was established in 1977 so lessen the pressure on the Lagos Port Complex as a result of heavy growth in international trade in Nigeria.

Tin Can Island Port is sited on large hectares of land and the port can handle over 15 vessels. The port was also concessioned to private companies for effective and efficient operations.

Tin Can Island Port is one of the busiest seaports in Nigeria. It is as well a very popular seaport in the country.

Rivers Port Complex

Rivers Port Complex is in Gulf of Guinea. The Rivers Port Complex is a multi-purpose seaport and serves as center port to several jetties surrounding it.

The port carters for various markets relating to liquid, dry and general cargo trades. The River Port is in oil rich region of Nigeria, Rivers state and as such is established to serve tanker vessels in crude trade and commerce.

River Port Complex is very strategic to the Nigeria’s crude sales and general waterways trade.

Delta Port

Delta Port is in Delta State in south-south Nigeria. It is also situated in crude oil rich region of Nigeria and is deliberately established to serve multiple purposes of crude trade and general trade.

It is worthy to note that Delta Port is a domestic seaport in Nigeria as they help in inter-state maritime movements of goods in Nigeria.

The government is planning to develop Delta Port further and upgrade it to be able to serve bigger vessels and link up with international waterways.

Calabar Port Complex

Calabar Port Complex located in Cross River state is one of Nigerian’s oldest and major seaports in Nigeria.

It is also a multi-purpose port used for general trade and for movement of crude to international markets.

ECM Terminal Ltd, INTELS Nigeria Ltd and Shoreline Logistics Nigeria Limited operates the three terminals of Calabar Port.

Onne Port Complex

Onne Port Complex is a seaport is in River state and is docked in the largest oil and gas free zone in west Africa.

The seaport is situated on the Bonny River Estuary along Ogu Creek in Onne, River state. Onne Port Complex handles over 65% of Nigeria export cargoes.

Onnes seaport is one of the most efficiently managed seaports in Nigeria as it is very strategic to Nigeria crude business.

It is also a multi-purpose port as it supports other port activities aside oil and gas such as general cargoes, bulk cargoes, containerized cargoes and other logistic services.


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