Top 5 Most Used Smartphone Brands In Nigeria (2023)

The global mobile phone industry is a fast moving one which only those who move ahead of time can continue to exist and thrive.

most used smartphones in nigeria

We have seen and witness the rise and fall of once considered mobile phone making giants such as Blackberry, Motorola, Gionne etc.

In Africa, Nigeria boost of having the biggest market, thus, majority of smartphone makers target Nigerian markets.

Since 2001 when Global Systems for Mobile Communications came on board in Nigeria, the country has witnessed the influx of some of the finest smartphones across the globe.

However, not all smartphones that graced Nigerian market lasted and has remained in the market.

While some top smartphones have dominated Nigerian market for decades, others have simply fiddle out of the market of very strong competition and tech war.

In this article, we will be reviewing the most used smartphones in Nigeria.

These are smartphone brands leading and dominating Nigerian market which is the biggest in the continent.

Most Used Smartphones In Nigeria

Here are best and high selling phones in Nigeria. These are phones that people use heavily in Nigeria.


Tecno smartphone is a product of Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, Transsion Holdings based in Shenzhen, China.

It is no doubt that the smartphone brand has dominated the Nigerian mobile market. When Tecno first entered Nigerian market, not many tech gurus and analysts saw them driving and leading Nigerian mobile market as a result of its perceived low operating systems.

However, Tecno has exceeded all expectations with their ideology of “Think global and act locally”.Tecno present Nigerians with 21st century smartphones at Nigerian prices. This has helped keep the brand in Nigeria market and has as well helped its widely acceptability in the market.

Tecno also exploited opportunities in Nigeria epileptic power supply by making phones with longer lasting battery capacities.

Greater population of Nigerians are poor and when buying smartphones put pricing above the phone’s features and qualities.


Infinix just like Tecno is also a product of Transsion Holdings, Chinese Mobile manufacturer. Infinix is one of the most used smartphones in Nigeria.

Infinix phones are cool, sleek and price friendly. The easily availability of after sales service centers for Transsion Holdings products known as Carl Care also help the widely acceptability of their phones, Infinix and Tecno in Nigeria.


Samsung, South Korean mobile giant is regarded as the largest smartphone maker. Their products are widely accepted and used across most continents.

In Nigeria, Samsung is one of the most used smartphones and has stayed strong in Nigeria mobile market for over a decade.

Despite the product being perceived as expensive and phone for rich and middle class, most Nigerians are still dreaming of getting hold of some of their newest products.

Its highly acceptability in Nigeria has led to high patronage of already used products and phones of the brand.


United States smartphone giant, Apple has their products turning heads in Nigeria mobile market.

Despite the high prices that accompany Apple products and phones, Nigerians see the product as good value for money, hence its wide acceptability and patronage.

Already used Apple phones are also witnessing good patronage in Nigeria. This is a testament of the phone’s acceptability and acceptance.


Huawei has knocked off Samsung as the world largest selling smartphone. Huawei is one of the very few mobile products from Chinese manufacturers that Nigerians has come to accept and can break their budgets to get hold of.

Huawei Y series is the game changer for the Chinese mobile maker in Nigeria market. Aside from Huawei physical aesthetics and sleek build, the product is renowned for high quality chipsets and Android operating systems.

The company is at the forefront of driving 5G technology in the global mobile industry. Huawei has gained strong base in Nigeria market.


Xiaomi is a mobile product of Chinese electronic company founded in 2010. The company is headquartered in China capital city, Beijing.

Xiaomi produces smartphones and host of other electronic gadgets. Xiaomi smartphones are doing pretty good in Nigeria market.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes have come with great and amazing featured from its operating system, storage, screen to battery etc.

Most Nigerians have continued to profess their love for the smartphone which like wildfire is fast penetrating Nigeria mobile market.


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