Top 5 Online / E- Payment Gateways In Nigeria (2023)

E-payments or online payments has and is changing narratives in Nigeria. Today, people pay for goods and services from the comfort of their homes.

top online payment gateways in nigeria

The era of carrying bags loads of cash to market is gone.

Nigerian masses are beginning to embrace cashless policy of the Nigeria’s apex bank.

This article will discuss the best online platform or online app for payments of bills and online payments in Nigeria.

All these innovation in payments systems and cash management were made possible by top E -payment gateways firms  and fintech companies who have instituted  trusted and secured platforms where deals and transactions can be done without fear of being shortchanged.

Firms like Interswitch cannot be forgotten for their pioneer role in instituting an online payments platform which is not only secure but easy to navigate through.

In today’s Nigeria, there exists multiple E-payment facilitating firms.

These firms manage millions of online deals taking place in Nigeria securely and swiftly.

From pool of E- payment gateway firms in Nigeria, Nigerian Informer will be listing top 5 of these great and smart firms.

These are E-payment firms that have stood test of time, have a very trusted and reliable platform and a user-friendly application.

The essence of this post is for purely informational purpose and not recommendation or promotional.

These are the best online payments companies and applications in Nigeria.

Best / Reliable E- Payment Processing Platforms In Nigeria

Interswitch Webpay

Interswitch represents the face of online and electronic payments firms in Nigeria. The company through the leadership of its CEO, Michel Elegbe, stepped up the actualization of E-payment in Nigeria.

Today the company is one of the biggest online payments facilitating companies in Nigeria and Africa.

One of the most popular products of the company is Quickteller. Quickteller allows user send, receive money as well as pay for goods and services.

The platform is very secure, smart and user-friendly. Interswitch also owns Verve, one of Nigeria’s top debit card with over 15 million users in Nigeria.


Paystack is one of online payments gateways fast rising in Nigeria. Credit and debit card payments are made possible by Paystack.

With Paystack, both small and medium enterprises can conduct their transactions in a more secure and comfortable space.

Some top Nigerian companies like MTN, GIG, Taxify etc. accept payments through Paystack.


Since launching in 2003, eTransact has been processing payments for merchants in a secure, swift and seamless platform.

eTransact supports all major cards networks like Verve, Visa etc. eTransact services has grown into some other African countries like Ghana and Kenya.


PayU is a top online payments gateway in Nigeria.With PayU, merchants stand to enjoy fast, simple and efficient payments using tablets, phones, computers devices as well as e-wallet. Customers can make their payments online swiftly using PayU.


Remita is one of the most popular e-payment gateways in Nigeria. Their dealings and services to government institutions has contributed in no small measures to this.

Remita is mostly used to receive payments for government institutions and parastatals.

However, the e-payments channel can also be used by companies, e-commerce websites and organizations to collects fees and payments.

Other Top E-Payment Applications & Platforms In Nigeria

  • Stripe
  • Rave
  • VoguePay
  • SimplePay
  • CashEnvoy
  • GTPay
  • First Pay link
  • U-Collect
  • DusuPay
  • Globalpay


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