Top 10 Richest Kings in Anambra State & Net Worth (2022)

Anambra State Richest Kings

Anambra State has about 177 communities and these communities all have traditional rulers other wise known as kings.

Richest kings in Anambra State

The level of wealth or affluence is not criteria or yardstick for electing or choosing a king in Anambra State, however, most communities are always seek to institute a king that is endowed with both wisdom and wealth.

Hence most kings in the state are wealthy and self sufficient.

This post will center on the list of Anambra state richest kings and monarchs.

Coming up with the list of richest kings in Anambra state is not easy as there are numerous well to do kings in the state.

So, we relied on opinion sample and research carried out by our reporters in picking out the ten richest kings in Anambra State.

We are always aware that error margin exists in the methodology and so we will welcome opinions, views and reactions of our audience towards Anambra richest kings list.

From pool of over 100 kings in Anambra state, be have come up with the richest kings in the state.

This will form part of our series on richest kings in Nigeria states.

List of Richest Kings in Anambra State

Below is the roll call of Anambra top kings and wealthiest kings.

This list is in no particular order. Some of these monarchs are either richest in their towns or among the richest in their towns.

Anambra rich kings: Here we go.

Alfred Achebe (Obi of Onitsha – N300 mllion)

Igwe Alfred Achebe is the current Obi of Onitsha and head of traditional rulers in Anambra.

He is ranked among the richest kings in Anambra State with an estimated net worth of N300 million both in cash and assets.

He was a top banker who served in the industry for many years before also working as director of Shell Petroleum Development Company.

Obi of Onitsha is also the chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria.

He deserve a spot in Anambra top and richest kings.

Charles Ezeudogu (Igwe Ichida- N500 million)

The traditional ruler of Ichida town Igwe Charles Ezeudogu popularly known as Charlisco or Charly Million is rated among the richest kings in Anambra State.

The astute businessman is estimated to worth around N500 million both in cash and assets.

He is such a wealthy and kind hearted king that he once hosted the entire town during Father’s day celebration.

Peter Anugwu (Igwe Mabukwu- N250 million)

Another top and high ranking king in Anambra state who measures up among richest kings in the state is Igwe PN Anugwu.

He is chairman of Orient Petroleum and director at Julius Berger services.

He is one of the most powerful kings in Anambra State.

His net worth is estimated at 250 million. In late 2020,he wedded his wife of over 50 years in a catholic wedding officiated by Cardinal Onaiyekan.

He makes our list of richest kings in Anambra State.

Emmanuel Ajamma (Igwe Nnokwa- N450,million)

The traditional ruler of Nnokwa and the CEO of inland doors, Igwe Emma Ajamma is ranked among the wealthiest kings in Anambra state.

The business mogul has numerous investments and is estimated at N450 million.

Oranu Chris Chidume (Igwe Omor – N400 million)

Igwe Omor popularly known by his title Eze Igulube of Omor, Oranu Chris is in the league of Anambra richest monarchs.

He is founder of Krisoral Group of companies. He is a renowned industrialist who has love for the poor and downtrodden.

Uzo Onyudo (Igwe Ogidi- N280 million)

Another king from Anambra who is among the richest in the state is Igwe Pal Uzo Onyudo, igwe Ezechuamagha of Ogidi.

The top pharmacist ascended to the throne that has been left vacant for years following the death of his predecessor.

His net worth is put at around N280 million.

Robert Nwankwo (Igwe Adazi-Ani – N180 million)

Also, among the richest kings in Anambra State is Igwe Robert Nwankwo known as Ogene of Adazi-Ani.

He is among the founding fathers of renowned peoples club of Nigeria.

He is one of the most respected monarchs in the state.

Emmanuel Onyeneke (Igwe Ekwulobia – N250 million)

The traditional ruler of commercial town of Ekwulobia is one of the richest traditional rulers in Anambra State. He is estimated to worth over N250 million.

Dr. Robert Eze (Igwe Ukpo- N350 million)

The Okofia VI of Ukpo, Igwe Robert Eze also made the list of richest traditional rulers in Anambra.

He is brother to Nigerian billionaire, Arthur Eze.

The offala festival of Igwe Robert Eze is among the biggest in Anambra State alongside that of Obi of Onitsha.

Godwin Ezeilo (Igwe Nanka- N200 million)

The Obu Nanka, Igwe Godwin Ezeilo, a top Lagos based entrepreneur and traditional ruler of Nanka town also join our richest Anambra kings list.

The young monarch is both successful and social.

Igwe Orizu ( Igwe Nnewi – N100 Million)

One of the richest Kings and monarchs in Anambra state is Igwe Orizu of Nnewi town.

The revered Nnewi monarch is one of the most respected kings in southeast Nigeria.

He is also one of the oldest and longest serving kings on the throne in Anambra.

The highly respected Nnewi King is estimated to worth about N100 million.

End Note

We are aware some of our audience might have different and divergent views on top ten richest kings in Anambra state.

We will welcome opinions, views and reactions that could help grow and elaborate this article.

Kindly use our comment section to express your position on the article.


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  2. Why is that igwe Nnewi is not amoung in that lists?

  3. I don’t think that it is wise to reveal the wealth of anyone – particularly kings and leaders of nations. These African Kings have to be protected. No one knows the true wealth of the royals at Buckingham Palace in England.

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    1. If you think they worth? more provide other assets and their Investments showing otherwise.being a king and being respected has nothing to do with the size of one’s pocket.

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