Top 10 Richest Men in Ebonyi State (2024)

Who is The Richest Man in Ebonyi State?

The Richest People in Ebonyi state are mostly top politicians and government officials.

Richest men in Ebonyi state

The south east state is home to some of the richest politicians in the region.

The state is richly blessed with numerous mineral resources, however Ebonyi state is not a commercial inclined state like Anambra and Abia.

Hence, richest men in Ebonyi state are not found in business sectors but in political fields. This post will present the top richest men in Ebonyi state.

Richest People in Ebonyi State & Net Worth

Richest People in Ebonyi state are found mostly in political class.

These are those that have held or holding high political offices both at the state and at Federal level. They are the wealthiest men in Ebonyi state.

These Ebonyi state richest men are by miles wealthier than most people of the state. Below is the list of richest men in Ebonyi state.

Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim

Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim is ranked the richest man in Ebonyi state by miles. The Ebonyi state born politician is former senate president and Secretary to the Government of Federation (SGF).

The veteran politician command so much respect and regards in his home state, Ebonyi state as result of his pedigree and his wealth. He is very rich man from Ebonyi state.

Chris Abani

Chris Abani is one of the richest people in Ebonyi state. He is a Nigerian and American author whose works are doing great.

The scholar from Ebonyi state is rated among the richest men in the state.

Sen. Anthony Agbo

Another politician who makes the list of richest men in Ebonyi state is Sen. Anthony Agbo. He is a politician and literature icon.

He has numerous works published both in national and international journals. He is a member of opposition party, peoples democratic party.

Sam Egwu

Sam Egwu is former governor and serving senator from Ebonyi state.

The renowned Ebonyi state politician is in league of richest people in Ebonyi state. He was also former university don.

Sylvanus Ngele

This another rich politician from Ebonyi state that is highly respected within the state. He is a senator representing Ebonyi North constituency.

Before joining politics, Sen. Ngele is very influential in the state and is among the wealthiest men in Ebonyi state.

Martin Elechi

The list of richest men in Ebonyi state will be incomplete without mention of former governor of the state, chief Martin Elechi.

Chief Elechi served as governor of Ebonyi state for 8 years under People’s Democratic Party (PDP). Currently, he is a member of All Progressive Congress (APC).

Engr Dave Umahi

Also ranked among the richest men in Ebonyi state is the current governor of the state Engr Dave Umahi. Dave Umahi is a top engineer and politician from Ebonyi state.

He was a former deputy governor and current serving governor of Ebonyi state.

Andy Chukwu

Andy Chukwu is a veteran in Nigeria movie industry, Nollywood. He is rated one of the richest people from Ebonyi state.

His philanthropy and empowerment not only endeares him to heart of many but also shows his affluence.

Nwali Sylvester Ngwuta

The legal luminary from Ebonyi state, Nwali Sylvester Ngwuta is among the richest people from Ebonyi state.

He is a graduate of Obafemi Awolowo University and is justice of Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Benard Odoh

Benard Odoh is also among the richest men in Ebonyi state. The influential man from Ebonyi state is a politician and public figure who commands respect in the Agrarian state of Ebonyi.


It is not surprising to see that most of richest men in Ebonyi state are politicians. Nigeria practices money politics and because of this, most people go into politics to make money in Nigeria.


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  1. It is doubting that Ebonyi state business men and women are not in the list top 10 richest people in Igbo while they are men and women of money in the state yet shylock politics politicians are those in the list. If I may ask what happened to people like High Chief Anyichucks, Oke nwa Ezza Ezekuna High Chief Chibuike Orogwu and other business tycoon in the state with highest profile of business experience?

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