Top 10 Richest & Most Popular Yahoo Boys In Nigeria (2024)

A yahoo boy or guy is someone who specializes in defrauding and scamming people using electronic mails and other online mediums.

richest & most popular yahoo boys in nigeria



It can also be used to refer to persons who live extravagant and exotic lifestyle without a known source of income.

In Nigeria, there is a menace of youths who live lavishly without a known source of wealth. Though Nigeria government just as the rest of the world are doing all they can to curb the menace.

Those referred as yahoo boys in Nigeria live exotic and wealthy without known occupation. There have been numerous and popular men in Nigeria who are now referred and regarded as yahoo boys as a result of their display of wealth and affluent without legitimate jobs and occupation.

There are no parameters for measuring of wealth gotten through unknown sources, however, for the purpose of this article, we measure richest and top yahoo boys in Nigeria from their display of affluent and lifestyles like their cars, private jets, golds, houses etc.

Below alleged yahoo boys are seen and regarded as the richest in Nigeria. Some of the alleged yahoo boys are fanned by many Nigerian youths who wish to live wealthy like them.

Nigeria Top & Popular Yahoo Boys

1. Ray HushPuppi

Ray HushPuppi is an alleged Nigeria yahoo boy and big boy popularly regarded as the “legend of the street”.

HushPuppi is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirate (UAE). He is a known Gucci product lover and once referred himself as Gucci Ambassador.

He owns some of world most expensive cars like Royce Rolls, Porshe, Bently and private jets.

On June 2020, HushPuppi and his gang were raided by Dubai Police and it was reported that the Nigerian big boy has made over N168 Billion and defrauded over 1 million people. HushPuppi is regarded as Nigerian richest yahoo boy.

2. Mompha

Mompha is regarded as Nigerian Lagos based Bureau De Change operator. However, his display of wealth and affluence has left many Nigerians wondering his source of wealth.

Mompha has been once been in the net of EFCC, Nigeria financial crime police. Mompha is regarded as the second richest Nigerian yahoo boy.

3. Invictus Obi

Third on the list is US based Nigerian known as Invictus Obi. He was former Forbes under 30 African Billionaire.

A picture of Mr. Obi in a south African club bathing with champagne once left people speechless.

In 2019, Invictus was raided by FBI for multiple emails frauds and compromise. Notable among them is $11 million email fraud targeted at tech giant, CAT.

4. Shy Boss

Display of golds, expensive wears, exotic cars and dollars are some of the activities that won Shy Boss over 180k followers on Instagram. At such a very young age, it is not clear what the dude does to earn his millions.

5. King Jide

King Jide is a South African based Nigerian who is renowned for his exotic lifestyle and display of riches.

Jide turned heads when he spent 5 million on 1 Dom Perigon and 30 Ace of Spades in Lagos. How and where his millions come from, is still a mystery.

6. Deskid Wayne

No one makes legitimate money only to set them ablaze. People are still digging for Deskid source of income to match with his expensive lifestyle.

He was once captured in a video on social media setting dollars ablaze. Deskid Wayne is young and living large.

7. Opa6ix

Oluwasegun Akinola Opaogun popularly known as Opa6ix is a Nigerian big boy and socialite.

He has been hailed in songs by Nigerian top music artists like 9ice, Small doctor and Reminisce. He lives like a king and is one of Nigerians whose lifestyle is mind blowing.

8. Aremo Gucci

Just Like HushPuppi, Aremo Gucci is a Nigerian big boy whose love for Gucci wears and products has won him followers on social media.

His exotic and expensive rides have left many questions unanswered about his source of income. He is a free spender.

9. Baddy Oosha

Baddy Oosha is a Malaysian based Nigerian whose real name is alleged to be Badmus Akeem.

He was once thought to be in Nollywood industry after he was spotted in a movie role with Toyin Aimakhu. Top Nigerian music artists has also paid him homage in their songs.

10. Investor BJ

Eyebrows were raised when Nigerian top afrobeat singer 9ice paid tributes to Investor BJ in his song “Living Things”.

Investor BJ is a Malaysian based Nigerian and self-acclaimed Gucci representative. He is regarded as one of the richest Nigerian big boys, however, very little is known about his income source.


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