Top 10 States With Most Beautiful Girls In Nigeria (2022)

In this post we bring to you states in Nigeria with most beautiful women and girls. Nigeria is ranked 5th in the list of countries with most beautiful women in Africa.

states with most beautiful girls in nigeria

There is no doubt that Nigeria has lots of beautiful faces and curvy ladies one does want to behold every day. Every state or region of Nigeria has beautiful women and ladies.

What we have come up in this article is the states with high percentage of beautiful and charming queens.

These are states where you will find most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Below are the Nigerian states with most beautiful girls.

This article will focus basically on Nigerian states with most beautiful girls and ladies in Nigeria.

Lagos State

Lagos State houses the most beautiful girls in Nigeria. Lagos is a confluence states where almost indigenes of different states are found in their numbers.

Some of the most pretty and good-looking girls are found at Lagos state.

This is also because of the population and coming together of people from all parts of Nigeria and Africa in Lagos.

Anambra State

Another state with beautiful girls in their numbers is Anambra State.

Anambra women are known to be good looking and well mannered.

In Nigeria, Anambra women are very hard working and are very resourceful.

Anambra girls are the best and most marriageable girls in Nigeria. They are easy going too.

Imo State

Imo State also made the list of states with most beautiful girls in Nigeria.

Imo state ladies especially Owerri girls are very good looking and spotless. Most of Imo girls are fair in complexion.

Rivers State

Girls from Rivers state represents some of the best-looking girls in Nigeria.

Girls from Rivers state are usually slim, good looking and funny.

It is no coincidence that former miss world is from the state.

Kogi State

Kogi state is northern Nigeria states with most beautiful ladies.

These are ladies you would want to behold their faces every day. Kogi girls are highly resourceful and down to earth.

Katsina State

Katsina state is a northern state with high presence of Fulani ethnic group.

Katsina girls especially the ones from Fulani tribe are very good looking and are very good girls to chill with. They are usually slim, tall and inviting.

Enugu State

Enugu state also made the list of Nigeria states with most beautiful girls.

Enugu states has some of the most beautiful and royal girls among the Igbos.

Kwara State

Kwara girls are not just of good behavior and good looking but also loving.

Kwara state girls are from different ethnic groups, some are of Fulani tribe others are Yoruba nation.

Cross River State

Cross River state girls are very delightful and charming. They are also very homely and caring. They are some of the best girls one can roll with in Nigeria.


Just like Lagos, Abuja has some of the most beautiful girls in Nigeria.

This may not be unconnected to the fact that it is the city that houses seat of Nigeria government. Abuja girls are classy, neat and polished.


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  1. You lie bad

  2. Enugu State is indeed blessed with beautiful girls. This list would have been incomplete without Enugu State. Thumbs up for including Enugu

  3. I’m from benue state but I need a beautiful and sexy lady that will make me forget my problems so it’s from which state?

  4. Is the katsina state northern parts has beutiful girls morethan any state in Nigeria.,check. On Rariya .

  5. Kogi is bless with such a beautiful girl

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