Top 10 Largest Towns & Cities in Edo State

Edo state is one of the largest states in Nigeria with numerous cities and towns.

Major towns & cities in Edo state

Edo State state is bordered by Delta state, Ondo state and Kogi state.

The capital of the state, Benin City is one of the largest towns and cities in Edo state.

The state is known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse cultures.

The prominent traditional ruler in Edo state is Oba of Benin which is also one of the most respected and revered traditional rulers in Nigeria.

The south-south state is home to one of Nigerian’s prestigious universities in Nigeria, University of Benin (UNIBEN).

Edo State comprises of many towns with few cities spread across the state.

Edo State also consist of eighteen (18) local government areas from which many towns and cities in Edo state are gotten from.

In this post, we will be providing the largest towns and cities in Edo state Nigeria.

Edo Stage Biggest Cities & Towns

Below are some of the most populated towns and cities in Edo state.

They can also be referred as the largest cities in Edo state as well as as towns & villages.

Benin City

Benin City which is also the capital of Edo state is ranked the largest city and town in Edo state.

It is also the town with highest population in Edo state, Nigeria.

To show how large and huge Benin City is, Benin city is the fourth largest city in Nigeria behind Lagos, Ibadan and Kano state.

The population of Being city currently is put at an estimate of 1,800,000 residents.

It is also the biggest and most developed city in Edo state.


Auchi, a major town and city in Edo state is rated among Edo state largest towns and cities.

This Edo state town is prominent for housing Auchi Polytechnic, Etsako West Local Government Area.

The biggest king in Auchi is the “Otaru of Auchi”.

Every 8th of January annually is a day set aside for commemoration of Auchi day.

The population of Auchi is currently estimated to be around N750,000 residents.


Ekpoma is ranked among Edo state largest towns and cities.

The town is made up of predominantly Esan people and is housing a popular local council in the state, Esan West Local Council Area.

Ekpoma is home to Edo state university named Ambrose Ali University.

The population of Ekpoma is estimated to be in the region of around N562,000 residents.


Another highly populated city in Edo state is Uromi.

The town is thickly populated and has high presence of business and economic activities.

Some of the notable and popular people from Uromi are :

Anthony Enahoro

Chief Tony Anineh

Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie

The population of Uromi is put at over 600,000 by estimations.


Irrua town is one of the major cities in Edo state.

Irrua is the seat of Esan central local government area.

The religion of the Irrua people are closely contested between Christianity and Islam.

The population of Irrua is estimated to be around N300,000 residents.


Okada Town which is located in Ovia North East local government area of Edo state joins our list of largest towns & cities in Edo state.

The town is home to the popular private owned university in Edo State, Igbinedion University.

It one of the towns with high economic activities in Edo state.

The current population of Okada town in Edo state is estimated at around 250,000 residents.


The population of Afuze town which is estimated at around 200,000 residents makes the town one of the largest in Edo state.

Afuze is also the headquarters of Owan East local councils of Edo state.


Uselu which is densely populated and headquarter of Egor local council in Edo state is another major town or city in Edo state.

Modern basic amenities such as markets, hospitals, Parks are found at Uselu Edo state.

The population of Uselu town in Edo state is about 200,000 residents.


Also in our roll call of largest towns and cities in Edo state is Eso town.

The town is highly Populated and is the seat of Orhionmwon Local Government Area.

The population of Eso town well over 100,000 residents.


Ubiaja is another popular towns in Edo state. Ubiaja is also predominantly occupied by Esan people.

The rain forest region is under Esan south east local government.

The population of Ubiaja at the time of this report could not be ascertained.

However, it is among the most populous towns in Edo state.


Akahia is also another major town and city in Edo state.

The town is very close to Uromi and is one of the densely populated towns and cities in Edo state.


Igarra town will not be left out of top biggest towns and cities in Edo state.

The town of Igarra is the headquarters of Akoko local government area of Edo state.


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