Top 10 Largest Towns & Cities in Osun State (2023)

This article will focus on Osun State largest towns and communities.

Towns and cities in Osun state

Also, major towns in Osun state will be discussed in this write up.

Osun State is one of the biggest and largest states in Nigeria.

The state has over 100 autonomous towns and communities.

Capital of Osun State, Osogbo is the most developed urban center in Osun State alongside, Ilesa, Ife and Ede.

Osun State is a Yoruba state and is in Southwest geo political zone of Nigeria.

Osun State houses some of the Yourba heritage sites in Nigeria like the Osun River and Ife empire.

People of Osun state are known for their hospitality and industrious culture.

From all the independent communities in Osun State, we will be bringing to our audience the ten largest and biggest towns in Osun State.

These are towns with the largest population in Osun State.

Some of the towns in this list are also among the biggest towns in Osun State in terms of landmass and territory.

Biggest Towns in Osun State

What are the biggest towns in Osun state.

This is highly sought after queries especially people of Osun state and those with interest in the state.

Some of the Osun State biggest towns are as well among to major cities and urban centres in Osun state.

Below is the roll call of largest towns and cities in Osun State.

Ilesa (Ilesha)

Ilesha also known as Ilesha is the biggest town in Osun State by landmass.

It is the headquarters of Aiyedaade local government area.Ilesa is one of the commercial cities and urban centers in Osun state.

It one of the major towns in Osun state and has significant number of Igbo people engaged in commercial activities.

Osogbo (Oshogbo)

Osogbo also pronounced Oshogbo is one of the largest towns in Osun state.

Osogbo is the capital of Osun state and is the biggest urban center in the state.

Osogbo houses two local government areas namely, Osogbo local governments and Olorunda local governments.

It is also the most commercilised city in Osun state.

Ile Ife

Ile Ife regularly called Ife is one of the ancient cities in Osun state.

Ife is one of the major cities in Osun state. It has two local councils namely, Ife Central local government and Ife East Local government area.

Ile Ife has population of over 350,000 as at 2006 population census.


Ede is another major town with commercial center in Osun state.

It is a predominantly Muslim town and is among the largest and towns with highest population in Osun state.

Two local councils found in the two are Ede North and Ede South Local government areas.

It is also the town where NYSC Orientation Camp is located in Osun state.


Ejigbo is another major town in Osun state. It is the headquarters of Ejigbo local government area.

Ejigbo is also known for hosting a popular annual festival called Orisa Ogiyan festival.

It is one of the most populated towns in Osun state.


This is another major town in Osun state that comes up among largest towns in Osun state.

It is one of the ancient towns in Osun state.


This one of the highly populated towns in Osun state.

Modakeke is among towns in Osun state that is considered as urban centers and cities in Osun state.


Ibokun town in Osun state with population of over 300,000 is rated among the biggest towns in Osun state.

Ibokun has highly level of economic and commercial activities.

It is town in Osun State where agriculture produce are found in commercial quantity.


This is the town that houses Obokun local councils.

Esa-Oke is ranked among the top ten largest towns in Osun state.

It is town rich in agriculture in Osun state.

Oke-Ila Orangun

Oke-Ila as this town is popularly called, is a another ancient towns in Osun state.

It is the headquarters of Ifedayo local council.

Igbomina Yorubas are predominantly found in this major town in Osun state.

Oke-Ila is one of the biggest towns in Osun state, Nigeria.


The Author

Emmanuel Igwenagu

Igwenagu Emmanuel is the founder of Nigerian Informer. He holds B.A, M.Sc in Mass Communication. He is a Communication researcher and 112 emergency help line dispatcher.


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  1. How come Ilesha town that had one local government area council will be more than ife with two local government area council

    1. They are just saying what they like, because Ile ife land mass is 1791km² while Ilesha is 71km² even osogbo is one of the smallest state capital in Nigeria it has 47km² landmass.
      Ile ife is the largest town in osun state and one of the largest in Nigeria after Ibadan and kano

      1. Is it bigger than lagos??

  2. This write is a blunder. Though am not surprise, it written by an outsider, who knows nothing about the great state. The largest town in osun state in term of Landmass is Osu town, it local government Atakumosa.

    1. So ibokun is more than ikinrun and iragbiji

  3. Ilesa has more than 1 local govt. namely:Ilesa East, Ilesa West,Obokun, Oriade, Atakumosa East, Atakumosa West.

    This is for your I for and clarity of doubts

    1. Ilesa as a town doesn’t have more than 2 local governments. Ori-Ade, Atakunmosa, Obokun are not parts of Ilesa.They stand alone and autonomous

  4. Great Ilesha🥰

  5. This is just total rubbish n misinformation. All the info are just extremely wrong.

  6. Atakumasa is part of ilesa, ilesa does not exist without atakumasa. Ilesa people are from atakumasa, nobody in ilesa that does not have his source from atakumasa. Owa obokun himself is from atakumasa west local government.

  7. It’s only Osogbo, Ilesa, and Ile-Ife that maybe bigger than Ikirun in Osun State. This writer has no clue

  8. Am just reading people’s comment and laughing at their ignorance…the writeris so right..ilesa is the biggest singular city in osun state…it is the only city that has no village carved out of it or attached to it…unlike in ife and osogbo where there are still other villages under it…but ilesa stands alone as a city with no attachments of villages or towns to it…but its not the biggest local government..but in terms of a singular city in osun state,it is the biggest by land mass…its shares boundary with three states capitals…(osogbo,ado ekiti and akure) hope you know what that means? was the capital of on do,osun ekiti and Edo state during the British rule…

  9. So Oke ila is bigger than Ila-Orangun smile

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