Toyota Camry 2.4 Prices in Nigeria

This post will review the price of Toyota Camry 2.4 popularly known as “Camry Big Nyash” or “Camry Big for Nothing” in Nigeria.

Toyota Camry 2.4 price in Nigeria

Toyota Camry”Big Nyash or Big for Nothing” prices in Nigeria is largely decided by its previous use location and overall state and conditions of the car.

This is Toyota Camry 2002-2005 model price in Nigeria that we intend to discuss in this post.

Despite production of numerous other Toyota Camry models, the Camry 2.4 model has remained in high demand in Nigeria.

This is owing to its efficiency,fuel consumption and overall performance.

The chance of buying Toyota Camry 2.4 brand new is very slim owing to the number of model that have been produced since it’s production in 2005.

This is why most Toyota Camry 2.4 in Nigeria is bought as foreign used Camry 2.4 or as Nigeria used “Camry Big Nyash.

The Toyota Camry 2005 model or Toyota Camry 2.4 model is popularly called Toyota Camry Big Nyash or Big for Nothing in Nigeria as result of the shape of the car which has big boot and big rear bumber with break lamp.

It is considered a good car for an average income earner in Nigeria.

Its specifications are very much commendable and is in-between the old and new modern automobiles.

In this blog article, we will list the current price of Camry Big Nyash in Nigeria especially tha direct Belgium or Tokunbo Camry Big Nyash or Big for Nothing price in Nigeria.

How Much is Current Price of Camry 2.4 , Camry Big Nyash, Camry Big for Nothing in Nigeria?

The prices of Camry 2.4 in Nigeria also known as Toyota Camry Big Nyash is largely determined by its usage location and overall condition which highly deals with its engine, interior and body parts.

Most cars in Nigeria roads are foreign used cars and vehicles.

This type of car are regularly referred to as “direct Belgium or Tokunbo” cars.

This phenomenon also extends to Camry 2.4 in Nigeria. This types of cars are usually much more expensive compared to Nigerian used cars and vehicles.

In this segment of the article, we will enumerate the estimate price of direct belgium Camry Big Nyash in Nigeria.

Also, we will provide price of Nigeria used Camry 2.4 .

Price of Foreign Used (Direct Belgium) Camry 2.4 in Nigeria

Most foreign used Camry 2.4 in Nigeria are shipped from USA, Canada, Australia.

This Camry Big Nyash Direct Tokunbo price ranges from N2.5 million to N3.5 million.

The final price of the direct belgium Camry Big for Nothing is decided by its overall condition and engine performance.

Before now direct belgium Camry 2.4 price in Nigeria ranges between N1.5 million ot N2 million.

However, with recent Forex exchange instability coupled with Government policies on importations of foreign used cars which now goes with high tariff has played a key role in the high price of Camry 2.4 price in Nigeria.

In USA or Canada, the price of used Toyota Camry 2.4 ranges between $950 (N700,000) to $1200 (N900,000) especially in auction houses.

But the shipping fees and import duty on foreign used vehicles is also double the price of these vehicles in Nigeria when it gets to Nigeria.

Price of Nigerian Used Camry 2.4 (Toyota Camry Big for Nothing)

There is no specific price for most Nigerian used cars and vehicles including Toyota Camry 2.4.

This is because the major determinant of the price of Nigerian used cars and vehicles is its overall condition.

Nigerian used Toyota Camry 2.4 in good condition can cost between N800,000 to N1,200,000.

This just as Nigerian used Camry Big Nyash in bad condition can cost as low as N300,000.

When buying Camry 2.4 irrespective of the used location, the condition of the car should be well accessed with special attention paid to its engine.


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