Toyota Corolla Engine Prices in Nigeria (2022)

Cost of Toyota Corolla Engine in Nigeria

In this article we will be discussing the price and cost of Toyota Corolla engine in Nigeria.

Prices of Toyota Corolla Engines in Nigeria

This includes the price or Toyota Corolla 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2010 models.

There are some car faults and issues which are best solved by buying and changing new engine entirely.

Toyota Corolla is currently the highest number of car brand on Nigeria roads.

The above named Toyota Corolla models is still dominating Nigeria roads and is mostly used car in the country.

Engine is the heart or soul of a vehicle. This is why total change or overhaul of engine is recommended for constant faulty and broken down vehicles and cars.

Toyota Corolla is one of the most economical cars used in Nigeria.

It is also strong, rugged and long serving especially when bought in good condition.

However, not everyone is lucky with their Toyota Corolla cars in terms of getting a good engine.

Some of Toyota Corolla cars comes with over stretched engines which might be of best if buyers make an outright purchase and change of the Toyota Corolla engine.

Also, after a very long heavy use of Toyota Corolla car, a total engine change and overhaul maybe be recommended to keep the car on top performance.

This is why decided to carry out research on the price of Toyota Corolla engines in Nigeria.

Cost of Toyota Corolla engine covered in this post include Toyota Corolla 2005, 2006, 2007,2009 & 2010 models.

This is because this models of Toyota Corolla still dominant among Toyota Corolla users in Nigeria.

So, this makes this publication worthwhile and important it is a critical review of price of Toyota Corolla engines in Nigeria.

Also, cost price of Toyota Corolla half engine in Nigeria will be contained in three post.

How Much is Toyota Corolla Engines in Nigeria?

Finding out how much price Toyota Corolla engines are sold in Nigeria was carried out by our team of reporters.

There are two types or set of engines you can find in Nigeria market.

The Nigerian used engines and direct belguim (engines imported from overseas).

From our findings, the direct belguim Toyota Corolla engines is best recommended for those seeking to buy and change the engine of their Toyota Corolla cars.

Also, little or nothing separates the engines of the above Toyota Corolla models we are talking about in this article.

So, with the cost specified below, you will be getting a new engine for your Toyota Corolla car 2005 to 2012 models.

Price of Toyota Corolla Engine in Nigeria (Direct Belgium)

The cost of overseas or abroad used Toyota Corolla engine in Nigeria is between N300,000 to N350,000.

This amount cover price Toyota Corolla engine for Corolla model 2005,2007, 2009 and 2012.

It is best advised that anyone seeking engine change and replacement go for these imported Toyota Corolla engines from overseas.

Price of Toyota Corolla Engines (Nigeria Used)

Also already used in Nigeria Toyota Corolla engines can be found in market.

The cost of Nigeria used Toyota Corolla engine is between N180,000 to N220,000.

However, not many people go for this category of Toyota Corolla engine in Nigeria because of Nigerians lack of maintenance culture and reckless use and management of vehicles.

We also recommend that you deal with a trusted dealers and merchants who specialize in sales of Toyota Corolla engines in Nigeria.

Price of Toyota Corolla Half Engine in Nigeria

Some car faults might not be so demanding and escalated that total overhaul of engine is required.

In some cases, buying Toyota Corolla half engine can be recommend.

Hence one can find places where Toyota Corolla Half engine are sold in Nigeria.

According a reliable dealer, the cost price of Toyota Corolla Half engine is about N140,000.

However price of Toyota Corolla half engine for Nigerian used is a bit cheaper and can be bought at price of between N90,000 to N95,000.


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