Toyota RAV4 Prices in Nigeria

The Price of Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria as obtained globally is decided by the model and how sound and neat the car is.

Toyota RAV4 is one of the dominant Toyota cars easily found across Nigeria roads.

This is owing to its efficiency, cost and performance.

In Nigeria, Toyota RAV4 is most identified among women and ladies, the Toyota car is also heavily patronised and used by significant number of men.

Despite the production and manufacture of some newest brands of Toyota RAV4, the 2008 to 2013 models of Toyota RAV4 has remained very popular in Nigeria and is highly sought after.

The Toyota SUV is designed specially and has high shock absorbers with its spare tyre box attached to it’s back.

Its interior and exterior design gives it a unique design which makes it easy to identify even from distance.

Also, as obtained in most Toyota salon cars, Toyota RAV4 is highly patronised in Nigeria as it amongst other things cheaper to maintain in terms of spare parts replacement and servicing.

Moreover, the Toyota car is fuel efficient and can be used for long distance journeys.

Toyota RAV4 design which makes the SUV high above the ground makes it easier for good vision for people of small height and gives drivers advantage of having easy views of the roads while driving.

The patronage of RAV4 car in Nigeria is very high and this is why we considered it important to review the prices of Toyota RAV4 cars in Nigeria especially the price of 2010 -2013 models of Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria.

How Much is Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria

Lets give you estimate price and cost of Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria. We will be providing you with the cost of both brand new Toyota RAV4 and oversea used “Direct Belgium” Toyota RAV4 car in Nigeria price.

Most cars used in Nigeria including Toyota RAV4 is mostly bought as an oversea used vehicle. This type of vehicles are usually called “direct belgium” cars.

Here are some of the newest models of Toyota RAV4 cars and their estimate prices in Nigeria.

  • Brand New Toyota RAV4 2021 model Price – N26,000,000 – N32,000,000
  • Brand New Toyota RAV4 2020 Model Price – N24,000,000 – N28,000,000
  • Brand New Toyota RAV4 2018 Model Price – N18,000,000 – N22,000,000

It is pertinent to note that these are estimate prices as final price of RAV4 in Nigeria is factored by auto dealers who considers many factors such as customs clearance fees, Forex exchange rate, logistics in setting their prices.

Hence it is hardly possible to have a definite cost of Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria.

Price of “Direct Belgium” Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria

As earlier stated, these are category of Toyota RAV4 that is already used abroad. They are cheaper when put side by side with the brand new Toyota RAV4 prices in Nigeria.

Also, these Toyota RAV4 are easily found in older models such as 2005, 2008, 2010. The reasons are not far fetched as these are already used cars in overseas.

Below is the price list of some “direct belgium” Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria.

  • Toyota RAV4 2005 – 2008: 1.9 million – 4 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2009 – 2012: 3.5 million – 6.5 million naira
  • Toyota RAV4 2013 – 2017: 6.5 million – 12 million naira

The above are budget estimate for price of how much Toyota RAV4 is in Nigeria. It is obvious that the cheapest place to buy Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria is in the Nigeria’s commercial capital which is Lagos.

This is the best and cheapest place to buy Toyota RAV4 in Nigeria and also provides you with varieties and many models to explore and choose from.


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