Toyota Sienna Engine Price in Nigeria (2023)

Cost of Toyota Sienna Engine in Nigeria

This blog post will review the price and cost of Toyota Sienna engine in Nigeria.

Prices of Toyota Sienna Engines in Nigeria

The Toyota Sienna models that its engine price will be talked about in this article includes the engine price of Toyota Sienna 2002, 2004,2005, 2006, 2009, 2010 and 2012 models.

Some car faults and breakdown are best solved or fixed through buying and changing the vehicle engine or half engine.

Buying a new car engine is a common activity in Nigeria as result of our car purchasing system which see majority of Nigerians acquired used cars both foreign and local.

Toyota Sienna vehicle has become one of the most common vehicles on the Nigerian roads.

The vehicle is regarded as family car and is highly used by people who have large families as well as transporters.

Toyota Sienna according to most Nigerians users is a very fuel efficient and easy to maintain vehicle in Nigeria.

The vehicle brand is changing the Nigerian public transport system as most transport company is adopting the use of Toyota Sienna for long distance journey.

The love of Toyota Sienna in Nigeria has contributed to the reason why some of the oldest Toyota Sienna models like Toyota Sienna 2002 model is still largely found on the Nigerian roads.

More still, Toyota Sienna 2002,2004,2005,2010 and 2012 are the Toyota Sienna models dominating Nigerian roads and is the highest used Sienna models in Nigeria.

Engine is the most important component or part of a vehicle.

This is why car mechanics always recommend total change or overhaul of engine for vehicles with constant engine faults and breakdown.

Toyota Sienna is one of the most economical cars used in Nigeria and it is as well a multi purpose vehicle which can be used for numerous activities both private and commercial.

Toyota Sienna vehicle is strong, rugged and long serving especially when purchased in good and fine condition.

Nevertheless, the Nigerian culture of buying already used vehicles of which Toyota Sienna is included has made it that some people are not lucky about getting good and sound Toyota Sienna engine especially after purchase.

Hence,some people will have to resort to buying and changing the vehicle engine before getting a very sound desired car.

Because some of Toyota Sienna cars which are bought are already used, most buyers discover that some of their newly or short used Toyota Sienna comes with over stretched engines which might be of best if buyers make an outright purchase and change of the Toyota Sienna engine.

Also, as result of heavy usage of Toyota Sienna for public transportation and long journeys in Nigeria, some times engine change and swap is needed to keep the vehicle fresh and effective to perform at top level.

It is always good to examine the engine performance capacity when buying already used Toyota Sienna.

This will help determine if it is best to change or overhaul the Toyota Sienna engine or do small fix on the engine.

The common and overhelming use of Toyota Sienna vehicle in Nigeria necessitated our resolve to review the prices of Toyota Sienna engine price in Nigeria.

This will serve as guide for those who are making budget to buy Toyota Sienna engine in Nigeria.

Hence,we did a survey of the average price of Toyota Sienna engines in Nigeria.

We also review how much Toyota Sienna half engine is sold in Nigeria as some fault can demand that only Toyota Sienna half engine might be needed.

This write-up covers the cost of Toyota Sienna engine for the following Toyota Sienna models in Nigeria: Toyota Sienna 2002, 2004, 2005,2006, 2010 and 2012 models.

This models of Toyota Sienna are the most common and heavily used Toyota Sienna models in Nigeria.

Hence, this makes this publication all important and worthwhile as it provides a critical review of price of Toyota Sienna engines in Nigeria.

Moreso, cost price and how much Toyota Sienna half engine are sold in Nigeria will be contained in this blog post.

How Much is Toyota Sienna Engines in Nigeria?

Finding out how much price Toyota Sienna engines are sold in Nigeria was carried out by our team of reporters.

We visited major auto spare parts markets in Nigeria especially in Lagos and Onitsha and ascertained the cost price of Toyota Sienna engine price from major dealers.

When you are trying to buy vehicle engine in Nigeria, there are two types or set of engines you can easily find around in Nigeria market.

These types of car engines are: Nigerian used vehicle engines and foreign used car engine (direct belgium car engine ).

From our findings, the direct belguim Toyota Sienna engines is best recommended for those seeking to buy and change the engine of their Toyota Corolla cars.

These are Toyota Sienna car engines that are used abroad before shipped to Nigeria.
From our findings, we found out that apart from Toyota Sienna 2002 and 2012 engine, there is nothing much separating other models listed in this article.

So, we will give an update on the price of 2002 Toyota Sienna engine, 2012 Toyota Sienna engine price and 2004, 2005,2007 and 2010 Toyota Sienna engine price.

So, with the cost specified below, you will be getting a new engine for your Toyota Sienna vehicle 2002 to 2012 models.

Price of Toyota Sienna 2002 Engine in Nigeria (Direct Belgium & Nigerian Used)

The average cost of overseas or abroad used 2002 Toyota Sienna engine in Nigeria is between N400,000 to N500,000.

The price of Nigeria used Toyota Sienna 2002 model engine is between N200,000 to N300,000.

Price of Toyota Sienna 2012 Engine in Nigeria (Direct Belgium & Nigerian Used)

Toyota Sienna 2012 model engine price in Nigeria is between N600,000 to N750,000 for direct belgium.

The Nigerian used 2012 Toyota Sienna engine price in Nigeria is between N380,000 to N500,000

Price of Toyota Sienna 2004,2005,2007 &2010 Engine in Nigeria (Direct Belgium and Nigerian Used)

Most of Toyota Sienna engine you will find in Nigeria markets is either Nigeria used or foreign used.

For Toyota Sienna models 2004,2005,2007 and 2010, foreign used engine price in Nigeria will range between N500,000 to N650,000.

Also, Nigerian used Toyota Sienna engine price, it currently cost between N250,000 to N350,000.

From top auto engine dealers, it is best advised that buyers seeking engine change and replacement go for foreign imported Toyota Sienna engines from overseas.

Price of Toyota Sienna Half Engine in Nigeria

There are situations where your car mechanic or service engineer will recommend purchase of Toyota Sienna half engine as a way of solving a persistent car engine faults .

This is because, some car faults might not be so demanding and escalated that total overhaul of engine is considered.

In this case buying and changing half engine might be a very good solution.

So ,in this segment of the article, will will discuss the price of Toyota Sienna half engine in Nigeria and the best place in Nigeria to buy Toyota Sienna half engine.

These are places where car engine are sold cheap in Nigeria and is also a good market to get good quality Toyota Sienna car engine.

From our research and survey across major auto markets, the cost price of Toyota Sienna Half engine is about N140,000 for 2002 model and N250,000 for 2005,2007 and 2004 models.

The above price is for foreign half engine price of Toyota Sienna in Nigeria.

However price for Nigerian used Toyota Sienna half engine is a way cheaper and can be bought at price of between N80,000 to N100,000 for 2002 models and N130,000 for higher models.

End Note on Price of Toyota Sienna Engine in Nigeria

It is pertinent to state that there is always slight variations in prices of Toyota Sienna engines irrespective of status be it Nigeria or foreign used.

The final price of Toyota Sienna engine in Nigeria is largely based on the quality and how sound the engine is as well as it’s capacity.

The best places to buy Toyota Sienna car engine in Nigeria remain Lagos, Ladipo auto market and New Auto Parts market Nkpor and Obosi which are in Onitsha metropolis.

When buying or purchasing a car engine, it is very important that you go along with your most trusted car mechanic and engineer for overall engine assessment.


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