TRCN Exam Registration 2023: How To Register for TRCN Exam & Cost

This article will review the Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) 2023 examination and registration.

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This write up will further shed light on the how much it cost to register for TRCN exams and how many times TRCN exams are written in a year.

Through reading this post you will discover how to find when TRCN exams are written in Nigeria. All these and more information about TRCN will be dissected in this article.

Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria is the regulatory body the is charged with licensing and certification of professional teachers in Nigeria.

TRCN periodically conducts professional examination for teachers known as Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) which is aimed at providing successful teachers with teaching license and certificate.

It is the duty of interested teachers or those who wants to make career in teaching to register and write TRCN examination in Nigeria.

The TRCN examination is not free as monies are charged for the examination. Here is everything you need to know about TRCN registration and examination in Nigeria.

Who Can Write TRCN Exams?

Anyone who has interest in teaching and education career with relevant qualifications can write TRCN examination.

To be able to register and write TRCN exams, an applicant must have studied Education in the University or attended College of Education.

This gives you automatic qualification to register and sit for TRCN examination.

However, if you studied non educational course in university or polytechnic, then you need to possess postgraduate diploma in education (PGDE, PDE, or PDDE).

These are one year diploma courses and it gives non educational course graduates the eligibility to register for TRCN examination in Nigeria.

Requirements for TRCN Exam Registration

Here are documents and certificates that you need to register for TRCN examination.

For Candidates with Educational Background

Teaching Qualification Certificate- if you have qualifications such as NCE, B.Ed, M.Ed, then you will need to present a copy of the certificate for registration of TRCN exams.

For Candidates with Non- educational Background

Degree Certificate & Diploma in Education Certificate- if you are applying as candidate without educational qualification background or qualifications, you will have to present your degree certificate (B.Sc, B.A, M.Sc) alongside side your postgraduate diploma in education certificate such as (PGDE, PDE, or PDDE)

Other documents requirements for TRCN Exams

Other general requirements for TRCN examination registration includes:

  • Passport Photographs (4 copies)
  • Certificate of State of Origin (photocopy)
  • Birth Certificate (photocopy)

How to Register & Write TRCN Exam in Nigeria

The modus operandi for TRCN exam registration is still majorly manual. The exam registration is yet to onboard online fully. Here is how to register for TRCN examination.

Visit TRCN State Office

There is TRCN state secretariat at every state which is where the registration for the exam takes place. You can obtain address of your state TRCN secretariat from government teachers within your locality.

Make Registration

At the TRCN state secretariat, request to make registration for TRCN examination. You will be properly guided and directed by receptionist and taken to exam unit. You will also be given remita to make payment for the TRCN Professional Qualifying Examination .

Make Payment for TRCN Exam in Bank

After the above processes, next is to make bank payment using issued remita for the TRCN exam. Payment can be made at any commercial bank branch nationwide.

Also, payment for TRCN exam can be made online using ATM card and internet services. However, commercial banks are more adviceable as you will be issued payment slip which you will return to the TRCN office.

Revisit TRCN Office for Forms Registration

Upon making payment, applicants is expected to return to TRCN Office and present his or her evidence of payment. At this point you will be give TRCN exam registration forms to fill and attached your relevant qualifications.

After which you will be informed of your examination date. It is as well importance to establish a contact with a staff of the TRCN as it would help keep you posted or incase should you need to ask questions too.

How Much is the cost of TRCN Exams?

We consciously didn’t state the cost and how much to be paid at bank for the TRCN examination because we wanted to discuss it separately and extensive.

The cost of registering for TRCN examination is N3500. A lot of applicants has been swindled into paying outrageous amounts as the cost of TRCN exam in Nigeria.

This is why it is important to ask questions and when in doubt visit TRCN secretariat within your state of residence. This is the amount you are expected to pay as the cost of TRCN examination in Nigeria.

How Many Times is TRCN Exams Written?

From our interviews, TRCN examination are written twice a year. Now, the first one is written usually during the first quarter of the year while the second TRCN exam for the year is written around the last quarter of the year.

When is TRCN Exams Written?

It is a bit difficult to state or give a specific date or time of the year when TRCN exams are written. This is because the scheduling isn’t pinned on a specific date.

So the only way to find when TRCN examination are written is to have a contact with staff of any TRCN office in Nigeria.

Sometimes the exams are reschedule as result of unforseen events. Hence having someone on the inside help you get credible information about TRCN exams.


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