UNICAL Postgraduate School Fees (2024)

UNICAL MSc, PhD & PGD School Fees

University of Calabar popularly known as UNICAL is a federal university in Cross River state.

UNICAL Postgraduate School Fees

The university is situated in the capital city of the state, Calabar.

Postgraduate studies such as MSc, PhD and PGD are among some of the most popular postgraduate programs done at the University.

PG studies within and around the state always find UNICAL attractive for Postgraduate programs like PhD, M.Sc and Postgraduate diploma.

Hence the university has some of the highest number of Postgraduate students among federal universities within Southern Nigeria.

Some of the reasons that makes UNICAL attractive for Postgraduate studies are infrastructure, quality of staff and most importantly tuition fees.

Today in this post we will talk about UNICAL school fees for MSc, PhD and PGD.

This is very important as it will help prospective students to have a budget capable of seeing them through their respective Postgraduate studies at University of Calabar.

So, this article will provide information on UNICAL acceptance fee for Postgraduate programs as well as school fees for UNICAL Postgraduate programs.

UNICAL PG Acceptance Fees

How much students of Postgraduate studies pay as acceptance fee in UNICAL is a very popular question among intending PG students of University of Calabar.

From our research and fact finding, we found that acceptance fee for Postgraduate studies at UNICAL is flat for all programmes like PGD, MSc & PhD.

According to multiple online reports, acceptances fee for M.Sc, Ph.D at UNICAL is pegged at N30,000.

This is a non refundable fee paid by students as confirmation for acceptance of offer of admission.

UNICAL PG School Fees

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the school fees of Postgraduate Studies at University of Calabar.

Below is the school fees for different PG programs of the noble university like PhD, Masters and PGD.

UNICAL Ph.D School Fees

University of Calabar Ph.D school fees according multiple online sources is around N106,950 per section.

So, this means that tuition fees for PhD at UNICAL will not be paid only once.

Also, time spent outside the stipulated duration of the program as a result of failure or issues on part of students will incur addition fees.

Duration For PhD at UNICAL

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) programmes at UNICAL last for 6 semesters for full time students. For part time students, Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) lasts for 10 semesters.

UNICAL M.Sc School Fees

Masters degree school fees at University of Calabar is around N106,950 as seen from some publications online.

This UNICAL M.Sc school fees will be paid twice during the two section of the program.

Additional charges might ensue if students spend time outside the stipulated duration of the programmes.

Duration For M.Sc at UNICAL

How long masters degree takes at UNICAL is dependent on student’s mode of study.

Master’s degrees last for 4 semesters for full time students while for part time students, Master’s degrees last for 6 semesters.

UNICAL PGD School Fees

How Much Postgraduate Diploma students pay as school fees at University of Calabar is around N106,000.

We advise prospective students to verify this further so as to budget well.

Duration For PGD At UNICAL

How long it takes to study Postgraduate diploma at University of Calabar is two semesters.

The programme can only be done on full-time basis. So there is no room for part time running of PGD at UNICAL.


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