UNILAG Postgraduate School Fees 2023/2023

UNILAG School Fees for MSc, PhD & PGD

School Fees for Postgraduate studies like M.Sc, Ph.D in UNILAG will be talked about in this post.

Unilag Postgraduate School Fees

Also to be discussed in this article is other related matters and topics concerning UNILAG Postgraduate studies.

One of the cheapest universities in Nigeria for Postgraduate studies such as PDG, MSc and PhD is University of Lagos popularly called UNILAG.

The university is a Nigerian federal government owned university.

It is one of best universities for PG studies in Nigeria.

In this post, we will specifically be talking about the UNILAG psograduate tuition fees as well as requirements for Postgraduate studies in UNILAG.

We will also not be leaving behind the duration for Postgraduate studies in UNILAG in our discourse.

How to Apply for UNILAG Postgraduate Studies

To apply for UNILAG Postgraduate studies, interested and qualified candidates are advised to visit School of Postgraduate Studies University of Lagos Portal.

The address of the portal is http://spgs.unilag.edu.ng.

To confirm availability and eligibility of desired course, candidates are to click the 2023/2023 application link.

If in need of more clarification, candidates can visit the School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS) University of Lagos.

This section answers the question of how to apply for Unilag MSc and how to apply for Unilag PGD & PhD.

Requirements for UNILAG Masters Program

The general requirements for masters program in Unilag is stated below.

1.Candidates must possess a Bachelors’s degree of this University or any approved University.

2. Candidates who holds other qualification(s) recognized by senate of the University of Lagos.

3. In addition to (1) and (2) above, an applicant may be required, as a condition for admission, to undergo a selection process in the form of written and/or oral examinations.

4. A holder of Degree obtained from an Outreach/Satellite are not eligible to apply.

5. All academic transcripts must reach the Deputy Registrar/Administrative Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies on or before the start of the session admission is being sought.

6. Candidates with a minimum of second class upper division from approved universities.

Requirements for UNILAG PGD Programs

General requirements for Unilag Postgraduate Diploma is listed below.

1.Candidates must possess Bachelor’s degree from university of Lagos or approved universities.

2. Candidates must possess a minimum of Upper Credit from approved polytechnics.

3. Degrees obtained from an Outreach/Satellite are not eligible to apply.

4. All academic transcripts must reach the Deputy Registrar/Administrative Secretary, School of Postgraduate Studies on or before the start of the session admission is being sought.

Requirements for UNILAG Ph.D Programs

Below is the requirements for enrollment into UNILAG Ph.D Programs.

1. A candidate who has obtained the degree of Masters of Science must have a minimum CGPA of 4.0.

2. Candidates must clear with the respective Departments as to the availability of vacancies/supervisors before applying.

3. All candidates may be required to undergo a selection process as may be determined by the department.

Duration For UNILAG Postgraduate Studies

One of the major factor candidates consider before enrolling into PG studies is the duration of the programs

In this part of the article, we will be providing the duration for different Postgraduate programs in UNILAG.

Duration of PGD in UNILAG

The total duration for Postgraduate Diploma in university of Lagos is one session which can best be described as 1 calendar year. So PGD in UNILAG runs for 1 year.

Duration of MSc in UNILAG

The time slated for UNILAG Masters programs to last is 18 calendar month.

This duration can be extended based on student’s performance.

Duration of Ph.D in UNILAG

Also be to be discussed here is the time Ph.D is slated to last in UNILAG.

The duration for Ph.D in university of Lagos is 36 calendar months.

Adherence to this time frame is dependent on students performance.

UNILAG Postgraduate Studies Tuition for 2023/2023

Below is a break down of UNILAG Postgraduate School fees which includes UNILAG M.Sc and PhD current school fees.

How much is school fees for MSc programs in UNILAG will be answered here.

The school fees for Postgraduate studies in UNILAG varies from departments.

However some fees are general and compulsory which every student of Unilag Postgraduate studies is expected to pay.

UNILAG Postgraduate Studies Compulsory Fees.

Below are the compulsory fees for students of Postgraduate Studies in university of Lagos.


N64,500 for Acceptance fees

N7,500 at Pg school for Prospectus

Other fees payable according to departments and Postgraduate programs being offered in UNILAG are:


PGD Philosophy|Philosophy|3 Semesters|N75,000.00

M.A TRANSLATION OF FRENCH doesn’t have PT, but FT=75K



M.Sc Accounting|1 Sessions|N90,000.00

PGD Accounting|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.Sc Banking and Finance|2 Sessions|N150,000.00

Masters in Business Administration (Full-Time)|2 Semester|N150,000.00 dept dues N3K

Masters in Business Administration (Part-Time)|2 Sessions|N450,000.00 dept dues N3K

Masters in Business Administration(Executive)|2 Sessions|N1.800,000.00 dept dues N3K

M. Sc Actuarial Science|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.Sc Management|Business Administration|2 Semesters|N75,000.00 PT-150K

M.Sc Marketing|Business Administration|2 Semesters|N75,000.00, PT- 150K

M.Sc Operations Research|Business Administration|2 Semesters|N75,000.00, PT – 150K

M.Sc Production & operations Management|Business Administration|2 Semesters|N75,000.00, PT – 150K

M.Sc Organizational Behaviour|Business Administration|2 Semesters|N75,000.00, PT- 150K

M.Sc Finance|Finance|3 Semesters|N100,000.00

M.Sc Industrial and Labour Relations (MILR)|2 Sessions|N112,500.00 PT

IRPM – PT- N150K; FT N75k

M.SC development finance is N600,000 PER SESSION, ITS HAS 2 SESSIONS

M.SC Risk Mgmt n Insurance FT =75k,



M.Ed Educational Administration & Planning|Educational Administration|3 Semesters|N75,000.00

PGD Educational Administration &Planning|Educational Administration|3 Semesters|N60,000.00

M.Ed Comparative Education|Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N60,000.00

M.Ed Measurement and Evaluation|Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N60,000.00

M.Ed Educational Psychology|Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N60,000.00

M.Ed Sociology |Educational foundations|4 Semesters|N60,000.00

B.Ed Degree in Early Childhood Education|Educational foundations|5 Semesters|N50,000.00

Course Materials N7,000.00

PGDE FT fees N75,000

PGD Gudiance n counselling-100k

Business education full time and sandwish is N75,500

M.Ed Measurement and Evaluation| tuition fee is N75,000| 5,000 dept dues

PGD Education M.ed. Sandwich-70k

M.ed. Education Sandwich-70k

PGD Enviromental Design-100k

PGD In Education-60k

PGD in ICT Policy-75k

Masters in ICT Policy-80k


Masters of Process Engineering (MPE)|2 Sessions|N150,000.00

Chemical Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

PGD Chemical Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.Sc Civil Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.Sc Structural Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.Sc Water Resources and Environmental Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.Sc Highway and Traffic Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.Sc Electrical/Electronic Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.Sc Mechanical Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

PGD Electrical/Electronic Engineering|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

Master of Geo-informatics|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

M.SC MET & MAT is FULL TIME,|1 Sessions|N75,000.00

PGD MET & MAT Engineering|2 Sessions|N75,000.00 PART-TIME

PGD Geo-informatics|1 Session plus one Semester for Project and fieldwork|N60,000.00




Masters in Architecture|1 Sessions |N120,000.00

Master of Landscape Architecture|1 Sessions |N120,000.00

M.Sc Project Management|Building| 2 Sessions |N150,000.00

PGD Environmental Design|Estate Management|3 Semesters|N65,000.00

M.Sc Urban and Regional Planning|1 Sessions |N75,000.00

Masters of Facility Management-150k Per session

M.sc Construction Management- |1 Sessions |N75,000.00


Masters Degree in Humanitarian and Refugee Studies|4 Semesters|N90,000.00

Masters in International Law and Diplomacy (MILD)|2 Sessions|N100,000.00

Master of Law (LLM)|2 Sessions|N150,000.00 PT
Master of Law (LLM)|1 Sessions|N150,000.00 FT

Master Dispute Resolution – 4 semesters – N1.6m


M.Sc Mass Communication|2 Sessions|N150,000.00 PT , FT=N75k

PGD Mass Communication |3 Semesters|N100,000.00

M.Sc Economics |4 Semesters|N150,000.00 PT, FT-75K

PGD Economics |3 Semesters|N90,000.00

M. Sc Geographic Information Systems|2 Sessions|N120,000.00; Course Materials: N45,000.00

PGD Geographic Information Systems |2 Semesters|N75,000.00

M.Sc Transport Management and Planning |3 Semesters|N120,000.00

PGD Transport Management and Planning |2 Semesters|N120,000.00

M.SC Political Science |3 Semesters|N90,000.00

Master of Public Administration (MPA) |2 Semesters|N112,000.00

Master of Public and International Affairs (MPIA) |2 Semesters|N112,000.00

Master in Managerial Psychology |4 Semesters|N150,000.00

M.Sc Psychology |2 Semesters|N75,000.00

M.Sc Sociology |2 Semesters|N75,000.00


Masters in Natural Resources Management|4 Semesters|N75,000.00

Botany and Microbiology|2 Semesters|N90,000.00

Masters in Environmental Management |4 Semesters|N120,000.00

PGD Environmental Management |2 Semesters|N60,000.00

M.Sc Information Technology |2 Sessions|N225,000.00 dept dues Departmental dues: 7000

PGD Computer Science|3 Semesters|N150,000.00

M.Sc Mathematics|2 Semesters|N90,000.00

M.Sc Chemistry|2 Semesters|N90,000.00

PGD Mathematics|3 Semesters|N75,000.00

M.Sc Statistics|2 Semesters|N90,000.00

PGD Statistics |3 Semesters|N75,000.00

Masters in Applied Geophysics|4 Semesters|N75,000.00

PGD Applied Geophysics|2 Semesters|N60,000.00; Course Materials N20,000.00

M.Sc Physics,Full time programme N90,000,

M.sc industrial chemistry —N90,000

MSc Environmental Toxicology and Pollution Management (Full Time) Programme.—N90,000 tuition

fee, N20,000 for department charges,




M.sc Fisheries-75k

Masters of Aquatic Resources n pollution Mgt-75k

Masters of Natural Resources-75k


M. Sc Public Health|Community Health|2 Sessions|N150k FT, PT-150K

N15k-N20k for DEPARTMENTAL Dues

Masters In Public Health – PT – 2 sessions – N150k

All course in MEDICINE DEPT ARE 90K FT



Candidates for Postgraduate studies in UNILAG are advised to visit the school of Postgraduate studies in UNILAG and the department of programs they intend to run to get detailed information concerning their programs as well availability of the programs at each point in time.

It is important that this process is adhered to as unavailability of supervisors and other logistics can put a program on hold for some intending candidates.

It also affords candidates opportunities to ask questions and get current feedback concerning UNILAG Postgraduate studies.


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