UNILORIN Postgraduate School Fees (2024)

UNILORIN School Fees for M.Sc, Ph.D & PGD

University of Ilorin popularly called UNILORIN is a federal government owned university situated in Ilorin, Kwara state capital.

UNILORIN Postgraduate School fees

The citadel of learning is one of the Nigeria’s most respected and sought-after universities.

The university offer pre degree academic programmes, degree academic programmes and post degree academic programmes.

In this article, we will be discussing UNILORIN Postgraduate degree programmes as well as how much their fees are.

Annually, a lot of Nigeria graduates embark and undertaking postgraduate programmes.

Most of Nigerian students who embark on these postgraduate programmes enroll into federal government universities in Nigeria mostly.

Some of the major reasons for this aside from adequate and qualified manpower in federal universities in Nigeria, is school fees for Postgraduate studies in federal universities which are considered cheaper than other universities in Nigeria.

Our focus in this post will be on University of Ilorin with particular attention to how much students pay for MSc, PhD and PGD in UNILORIN.

Also, we will talk about UNILORIN Postgraduate acceptance fee and other Postgraduate fees at UNILORIN.

UNILORIN PG Acceptance Fee

This is non refundable fee usually paid as confirmation for acceptance of offer of admission.

We are not sure of what will be current amount for PG acceptance fee at UNILORIN.

However, a fee of around N20,000 should cover for payment of UNILORIN Postgraduate acceptance fee.


School Fees for MSc and PhD in university of Ilorin is paid according to course of study.

So, there is no uniform amount for Postgraduate school fees at UNILORIN.

This means that students pay school fees for PhD and MSc at UNILORIN according to their departments and course of study.

But we have an umbrella amounts that cover school fees of different departments at UNILORIN PG school.

UNILORIN MSc Programme School Fees

School fees for Master’s degree programmes at University of Ilorin is paid according to departments.

MSc school fees at UNILORIN starts from N80,000 to 110,000.

Amount paid as school fees for MSc Programme at UNILORIN falls within this price range.

Fresh students of MSc at UNILORIN pays around N83,000 as school fees, while returning students pay close to N63,000.

Duration For MSc Programme at UNILORIN

Master’s degree programme at University of Ilorin is scheduled to last for 18 months.

This how long MSc programmes lasts at UNILORIN.

The Postgraduate programme is scheduled to last for 4 academic semesters and not more than 8 academic semesters.

UNILORIN PGD Programme School Fees

Postgraduate diploma school fees at University of Ilorin start from N60,000 to N75,000.

At UNILORIN, PGD school fees payment is according to department and course of study.

Duration of PGD Programme at UNILORIN

Postgraduate diploma studies at UNILORIN is slated to last 18 months.

The academic studies is scheduled to last 4 academic semesters and maximum of 6 semesters.

UNILORIN PhD Programme School Fees

University of Ilorin school fees for PhD Programme starts from N120,000 to N130,000.

Thus, the actually school fees for PhD at UNILORIN is dependent on course of study and department.

However, the above stated amounts covers for different departments and courses for PhD programmes at UNILORIN.

Duration For PhD Programme at UNILORIN

How long PhD programmes lasts at UNILORIN is what we will talk about in this segment of the post.

The academic programme is scheduled to last for three (3)calender years at minimum and five (5) calender years at maximum.

This covers both duration for course works and dissertation during the academic studies.


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