Union Bank Entry Level Salary (2024)

Union Bank Salary Structure

Nigeria banking industry is one of the best in Africa. In Nigeria, banking industry is one of good paying sectors alongside oil & gas and federal government of Nigeria.

union bank entry level salary

It is a dream of many young graduates to build career with top commercial banks in Nigeria.

These top banks offer its employees, good pay as well as conducive working environment.

The major focus of this post will be on Union Bank staff salary.

In Nigeria, most bank employees join their respective banks entry level through the bank’s graduate trainee program or by contract.

As obtainable in most commercial banks, employees who join banks entry level through graduate trainee are better paid than the bank’s contract staff.

Bank employees who join through graduate trainee are regarded as the bank full-time staff and are entitled to all the benefits like loans, gratuity and allowances given to the bank’s employees.

Union Bank is one of Nigerian’s oldest and most formidable commercial banks. The bank has been operating in Nigeria since 1917.

Union Bank is one of Nigerian’s most reliable banks and has stood test of time.

The bank has branches and offices across Nigeria’s major cities and super highways.

Union Bank also has subsidiaries in United Kingdom and Benin Republic.

Every year, the bank always adds to its work force.

They employ both graduate trainees and contract staff.

Often, applicants are always in curiosity of finding what entry level pay of banks is, in order to make career decisions.

In this post, Nigerian Informer will be discussing entry-level salary of Union Bank. This is starting salary of new staff at Union Bank Nigeria Plc.

How Much Union Bank Pay Staff

Below is informations and what salary of Union Bank is like.

The bank is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria. It is regarded as one of the strongest banks in Nigeria.

Union Bank staff and how much salary they are paid monthly like contract staff and full time staff.

Union Bank Salary For New Staff 

Union Bank graduate trainee staff are young graduates employed by the bank and given adequate training on the banks core values and cultures.

These class of employees are well paid upon deployment as entry level staff after trainings and probation.

However, criteria for recruitment of graduate trainees in banking sector is always rigorous and stringent.

Requirements like age, class of degree always put many young graduates on disadvantage for recruitment into banks graduate trainee programs.

Union banks, just like most of its counterparts, always run graduate trainee programs.

Upon successful completion of the trainings and probation, successful candidates are moved to Union Bank’s entry level position and pay.

According to a senior bank official at Union Bank, salary of Union Bank entry level graduate trainee is N171,000 per month.

Union Bank Salary For Contract Staff

It is a popular practice within Nigeria’s banking sector for banks to constantly engage contract staff to make up for shortage of personnel.

Union Bank is no exception in this regard as the bank also engages contract staff to work in different capacity within the bank.

Contract staff that work as teller officer at Union Bank are paid N70,000 per month.

Union Bank  Salary For Marketers

These class of contract staff helps to promote and engage the public about the bank’s various products and programs.

Every month, this segment of staff at Union Bank are paid N50,000.


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