United Bank For Africa (UBA) Entry Level Salary 2023

United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA) is one of the leading financial institutions in Nigeria and Africa.

UBA entry level salary

The bank operates in 19 African countries and has subsidiaries and financial centers at London, Paris and New York.

In this article, we will be discussing UBA salary structure.

The review of salaries of UBA bank staff is part of our series on bank staff salaries in Nigeria.

To be specific, this post will focus how much UBA pay it’s permanent new staff,otherwise known as entry level staff.

Also, to be discussed in this write up is how much UBA pay contract staff.

UBA is one of the biggest banks in Nigeria with offices across most Nigerian cities and superhighways.

The banking industry is one of the highest and best paying private sector.

Just like most Nigerian financial institutions, UBA in the last decade has been adopting reforms aimed building a very young and vibrant workforce.

Hence, the bank is always in the hunt of recruiting very young, vibrant and smart graduates who will add value and drive the bank.

For many young graduates intending to join the financial institution, information about the salary package of the bank is of great importance.

We will be providing what salary of entry-level staff of UBA looks like, as well as those of contract / temporal staff.

Also. not leaving out the salary of cleaners and security in UBA.

How Much UBA Pay Their Staff

Below is the details of salary of entry-level staff at UBA as well as salary of contract staff at UBA.

This is UBA salary for new staff and workers with degree.

UBA Salary For Permanent Staff

Entry level staff of the bank is part of the full-time or permanent staff of the bank. These category of staff forms the core workforce of the bank.

These class of staff come through a recruitment program known as graduate trainee programs.

These are recruitment programs in which the bank recruits and train bright and smart young graduates who are below 26 years of age.

After successful completion of the banking trainings, these young bankers join UBA entry level position and are regarded as permanent staff of the bank. UBA entry level salary is about N142,000 per month.

UBA Salary For Contract Staff

The use and recruitment of temporal staff in Nigerian banking industry has become a culture.

In this section, we will answer the question of how much UBA pay contract staff.

These contract staff also known as DSA help make up for shortage in personnel as well as compliment the efforts of the banks full-time staff.

Contract or temporal staff includes, graduates, internship students or NYSC staff.

Students who intern at UBA are paid between N30,000 to N50,000 monthly.

UBA contract staff are paid around N80,000 every month.

UBA Salary For Cleaners & Security

Here we look at how much cleaners and security men are paid in the bank.

UBA salary for cleaners and security men is between N30000 to N40000 per month. The salary of UBA staff is based on role and class of staff.

UBA Salary for Marketers 

UBA marketers also known as direct sales agents is also paid specified salaries.

The salary of marketing staff in UBA is around N50,000 per month.

The ability to meet marketing targets consistently might attract severe consequences to the staff in this department.


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