UNIUYO Postgraduate School Fees (2023)

UNIUYO School Fees for PhD, MSc & PGD

This article will center on school fees for UNIUYO PhD, M.Sc & PGD.

Uniuyo Postgraduate School Fees

University of Uyo popularly called UNIUYO, is a federal government established university located at Akwa Ibom state capital Uyo.

UNIUYO current Master’s, PhD and PGD school fees is what this post centers on.

The university is highly rated University in Nigeria and West Africa.

UNIUYO has produced a lot of professionals and Postgraduate scholars like masters degree holders, doctors of philosophy and professors.

This is not a coincidence as the institution is a good university for Postgraduate studies in southern Nigeria.

Apart from having highly qualified and dedicated staff, the university tuition for masters degree and doctor of philosophy programmes are cheaper when compared with some universities in Nigeria.

How much then is Postgraduate studies school fees at UNIUYO. This is the key question this post seeks to tackle and answer.

The importance of knowing or having an idea of amount paid as school fees for Postgraduate programmes at UNIUYO is that it will help incoming or interested students to plan well and have a budget capable of carrying them through the programme.

Also, among many questions being raised about UNIUYO Postgraduate Programme is the duration of PG programmes at the University.

We have questions like how long does master degree take at UNIUYO and How long does PhD & PGD last at UNIUYO.

All these and more will be discussed and broken down in this article.

UNIUYO PG Acceptance Fee

Acceptance fee is also paid by Postgraduate students at UNIUYO.

This is a non refundable fee paid by students as confirmation for acceptance of offer of admission.

The acceptance fee of UNIUYO Postgraduate Programme is around N30,000 as seen in some trusted sources publications.

This is across board in the sense that it same amount for acceptance fee for UNIUYO MSc, PhD and PGD.

UNIUYO PG School Fees

We will be discussing school fee for UNIUYO most popular and sought after Postgraduate programmes which includes PhD, MSc and PGD.

Below is the UNIUYO Postgraduate school fees as well as the duration of these programs.

UNIUYO PhD School Fees

Ph.D school fees at University of Uyo is paid three (3) times during the three section of the programme.

From our findings, UNIUYO PhD school fees is around N120,000. It can also be bit lower or higher depending on course of study.

It is important to note that the school fees gets lower as the programmes progresses.

In otherwords, amount paid at second and third sections are smaller than the first section payment. This is what we have for UNIUYO PhD school fees

Duration For PhD at UNIUYO

How long PhD Programme takes at University of Uyo is dependent on mode of study.

The programmes can be done under full time or part time basis. The duration for these two mode of study are not same.

PhD duration for full time students at UNIUYO is six semesters while the programme duration for part time students is around ten semesters.

UNIUYO M.Sc School Fees

The school for masters degree at UNIUYO is around N100,000. The fee will be paid twice covering the two sections of the programme.

However, the second UNIUYO MSc school fees is always lower than the first fee.

Also the school fees for MSc at UNIUYO is paid according to course of study.

Duration For M.SC at UNIUYO

How long does masters degree Programme takes at University of Uyo. Well this depends on mode of study of the student.

For full-time MSc students of UNIUYO, the programme duration is four (4) semesters while part time students stays for six (6) semesters.

This is how long MSc degree programme lasts at University of Uyo (UNIUYO).

UNIUYO PGD School Fees

Postgraduate diploma school fees at UNIUYO is around N85,000 for first semester. While PGD school fees for second semester of the programme at UNIUYO is around N75,000.

Duration For PGD at UNIUYO

How long Postgraduate diploma last at University of Uyo is two (2)semesters. The programme can only be studied on full time basis.


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