Top 5 Universities in Australia with Cheapest Tuition Fees for International Students

Australia is home to some of the world’s top and most renowned universities. This has led to influx of international students seeking to learn and get education in Australian universities. Lets provide you with cheapest and affordable universities in Australia with cheapest tuition for international students.

Some international students enroute to Australia has cited state of art learning facilities as one of the main factors that influenced their choice of Australia for university education.

Also, the Oceania country has economy which can be considered students friendly as international students are allowed to work in Australia in a work and learn policy.

More still, Australia is very friendly and has high standard of living which is attractive to many international students.

While many future international students has never hidden their eagerness to embark on abroad studies in Australia, the financial constraints has been proving a strong barrier to many future and prospective international students.

Generally, international studies is not cheap and when the target is top countries such as Australia, Canada, UK,USA it becomes even more financially demanding.

Australia is a very conducive and viable country for international students to undertake their studies.

This is because of immigrants policies enacted in the Oceania country as well as polices about how much time international students are allowed to work in Australia during their program.

Moreso, a lot of international students usually ask if Australia offer postgraduate work permit to international students which the answer is affairmative as certain Programs in certain schools especially public academic institutions in Australia offers post graduate work permit to international students upon graduation.

All these and more are some of the reasons Australia as destination for international students has remained and will remain attractive to many foreign students.

Finance is very essential for international studies in Australia and this has limited a lot of future international students.

While the average cost of international tuition in Australia is 20,000 to 45,000 Australian dollars, some universities in Australia offers cheaper tuitions for international students as well as more flexible payment plans.

Australian Universities in this category are the best cheap universities in Australia for international students.

This article will review Australian most affordable universities for international students. These are universities in Australia with low tuition deposit and fees for international students.

List of Australian Cheapest Universities for International Students

From our review of tuition fees of universities in Australia, it was observed that universities in Australia offering cheapest tuition fees for international students are mostly public universities in Australia.

This is why international students intending to move to Australia should target public universities. Also, these public universities in Australia tends to be more open to offering scholarships to international students.

Scholarships wouldn’t go round and not all international students or applicants would benefit, but choosing universities in Australia with good and flexible tuition payment makes all sense for international students who may not have a very deep pocket.

Here is our list of Australian Cheapest Universities for international students.

Federation University Australia

Federation University Australia which is a top public university in Australia located in Victoria is one of the most affordable universities in Australia for international students.

The university offer newly admitted international students 20 % scholarship towards their tuition. From our findings, international tuition at Federation University Australia for Bachelor’s degree ranges between $18,000 AUD to $32,700 AUD.

This is just as tuition for international master student at Federation University Australia ranges between 22,700 AUD to 31,100 AUD.

This tuition fees for international students at Federation University Australia makes this university one of the cheapest for international students in Australia.

Western Sydney University (UWS)

This is another affordable university in Australia for international students with average annual tuition of about AUD $22,000. International tuition in this university is paid according to program and course of study too.

This university is located in Sydney, a top Australian city and also has scholarship available for international students who meets the criteria. This is one of our picks in best universities in Australia for international students that is cheap and affordable too.

University of the Sunshine Coast

University of the Sunshine Coast is also in our list of Australian low tuition universities for international students. Some undergraduate courses here cost AUD $24,000 annually.

It is amongst Australia most affordable universities for international students. They also have a very robust international students support aimed at helping international students settled in seamless as they embark on their studies.

Charles Sturt University

This is another Australian University that we recommend for international students without “deep pocket”. Charles Sturt University tuition fees for international students can go as low as AUD $21,000 annually depending on program and course of study.

The university offer wide arrays of programs and academic courses. It is also highly ranked university in Australia with high acceptance rate for international students.

University of Southern Queensland

University of Southern Queensland is one of the top 5 cheapest universities in Australia for international students. The average international tuition fee at University of Southern Queensland is about AUS $25,000.

The university is one of the pristegous universities in Australia and is highly welcoming to international students from all around the world. The university has 3 campuses with its main campus located at Toowoomba and the rest at Springfield and Ipswich. The university is very popular and offer numerous programs both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


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