Universities in Canada That Accepts HND & Third Class For Masters Degree?

There have been lot of questions from international students who are seeking to find list of universities in Canada that accepts HND for masters degree.

There is no doubt that Canada is one of world’s top destinations for international students.

The reasons are not far fetched, as the North American country offer quality education at affordable cost.

Higher National Diploma popularly refereed to as HND is a very popular degree and certification issued by polytechnics and technical schools especially in west Africa.

Polytechnic is a very recognised post secondary school in especially in west Africa.

Nevertheless, they cannot be equated to universities and degree awarding institutions. Hence,there is still disparities amongst graduates and degrees offered by these two post secondary schools.

Many intending international students who are holders of HND certificates with intention of moving to Canada to further their education always sought to find if it is possible to enroll for masters degree in Canada with HND.

An empirical scan of online literature on the subject matter shows a lot of misinformation on the list of universities in Canada accepting HND for masters degree.

In this article,we will share our findings the possibility of applying for masters degree in Canada with HND.

Can HND Holder Apply for Masters Degree in Canada?

Holders of HND can apply for masters degree in Canada, however most universities in Canada would demand that such candidates do “top up” degree in Canada or first get a postgraduate diploma in relevant field.

The “top up” degree simply entails upgrading your HND to degree by undergoing 2 or 3 years university course.

We haven’t found any university in Canada that accepts HND for masters programs directly without the students undergoing a top up degree program or post graduate diploma course in a Canadian University or college.

List of universities in Canada That Accepts HND for Masters Degree

From our research, there’s hardly any university in Canada that directly accepts HND holders for masters degree program.

Most universities in Canada demand HND holders with interest in masters degree program to perform degree top up program or first undertake 1 or 2 years postgraduate diploma in a Canadian University to be eligible to enroll for masters degree program.

Some of the universities listed online as universities in Canada accepting HND or third class for masters degree is not entirely accurate information.

This is because some of these publications failed to cite that certain requirements and academic upgrades are done for holders of HND to enroll for Masters Degree in Canada with their HND certificate.

Which Universities Accept HND for Masters in Canada?

We are unaware of any university in Canada that accepts HND for masters directly without “top up” degree and Postgraduate diploma programs.

Hence, it is best to apply for postgraduate diploma in relevant fields and achieve good grades and this would easily help you get into masters degree programs in Canada with your HND.

Here are steps to take to get into university in Canada for MSc with HND.

  • Enroll in a Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) program at a Canadian institution. The course should be linked to your prior HND program, as well as the master’s degree you want to study in Canada in the future.
  • Enroll in a PGD program in Canada and make sure you get high grades (usually a minimum of B average).
  • Apply for a relevant masters degree in Canada if you are close to finishing your PGD studies in Canada.

Which Universities Accept Third Class for Masters in Canada?

Just like HND, despite our extensive research on the above subject, there haven’t been any Canadia university that accepts Third Class holders for masters directly which we are aware of.

If you are Third Class holder and wants to apply for Masters Degree in Canada, your best bet is to first enroll into a postgraduate diploma programs and come out with good grades.

This would make you eligible to apply for Masters Degree programs in Canadian universities with your 3rd class.

Which Schools in Canada Accepts International Students with HND?

There are many academic in institutions including universities in Canada that will accept international students with HND depending on the program of pursuit.

Universities in Canada can accept international students who wants to do a “top up” degree which as earlier explained is about upgrading your HND to B.Sc or B.A status.

Also, university in Canada can accept HND holder who is interested in pursuit of postgraduate diploma programs.

These are major programs and courses HND holders can apply in Canada universities. Also, another set of schools in Canada that accepts HND holders directly are colleges.

It is possible and easy to apply for colleges in Canada with HND and be admitted directly to study program of choice.

What Programs & Courses Can I Apply with HND in Canada?

If you are looking for which programs you can enroll or apply into with HND in Canada, here is your best bets.

With HND certificate, you easily apply for colleges diploma courses and college certificate courses.

These programs doesn’t require”top up” degrees and postgraduate diploma to apply for with HND certificates.

Also, with HND certificate, you can apply for Postgraduate diploma course which you easily be accepted and enrolled into directly.


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