Top 5 Universities in Canada With Cheapest Tuition Deposit for International Students

Canada is a top study destination for international students which is facilitated by many reasons.

The North American country offer one of the cheapest tuition fees for international students.

Also, Canada is multicultural which makes it a perfect fit for international students from different parts of the world.

Moreso, the country is one of the world’s best economies and offer good standard of living too.

The quality of education in Canada can be compared to that of top countries of the world such as US & UK.

These are some of the reasons why Canada is very appealing to international students. Despite the perceive low tuition fees for international students in Canada, some students still finds it unaffordable and expensive.

Tuition deposit is one of the major requirements to study in many Canadian universities among international students.

This is a part of your university tuition paid upon being offered admission into the university which confirms your acceptance of offer of admission and as well serve as seat reservation in the program of study.

The tuition deposit is one of the pleriminary fees paid by international students before application for study permit.

Inotherwords, many international students pay their tuition deposit from their respective countries of residence before migrating to Canada for their studies.

The tuition deposit for Canada universities varies among Canadian universities. Hence, some tuition deposit fee at some universities in Canada are perceived to be cheaper.

While some universities in Canada subject international students to pay all or 50% of their first year tuition fee as their tuition deposit, others simply peg tuition deposit for international students at a very cheaper fee.

In this article, we would be listing universities in Canada that offer cheapest and low tuition deposit for international students.

This we were able to come about having researched extensively and contacted some Canadian top universities to inquire about their tuition deposit for international students.

List of Canada Universities Offering Low Tuition Deposit for International Students

Here is the list of universities in Canada we consider their tuition deposit for international students cheap and low.

Memorial University of Newfoundland – $300CAD

Memorial University Newfoundland located in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the universities in Canada with cheapest tuition deposit for international students.

The international students tuition deposit at Memorial University of Newfoundland is about $300 CAD which makes it one of the cheapest in the North American country.

University of Manitoba

We also consider university of Manitoba as university in Canada with cheapest tuition deposit for international.

This is because according to the university official website, University of Manitoba only requires that you pay your full tuition by the fee-payment deadline.

Inotherwords, you can pay upon arrival in Canada which we consider a very good option for international students seeking for cheap tuition deposit among universities in Canada.

University of New Brunswick- $100CAD – $300CAD

University of New Brunswick also offer between $100 CAD to $300 CAD as tuition deposit depending on course of study. This is very cheap tuition deposit when put side by side with what obtains across other universities in Canada.

However, the tuition deposit at University of New Brunswick is non refundable. It is still one of the lowest tuition deposit for international students in Canada.

University of British Columbia -$1000 CAD

This is another university in Canada with cheap and low tuition deposit for international students. International students applying to University of British Columbia upon offer of admission is expected to deposit $1000 CAD to have seat reserved for them in the program.

International students tuition deposit at University of British Columbia is non-refundable and non-transferable, but it will be applied to your first-term tuition fees when you register for courses.

University of Alberta – $1000 CAD

University of Alberta is also another top Canadian university offering international students low and cheap tuition deposit at $1000 CAD.

It is part of acceptance offer at University of Alberta. This amount we consider cheap for international students who are on the lookout for universities in Canada with low tuition deposit fee.


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