University of Abuja Postgraduate School Fees (2023)

UNIABUJA School Fees for M.Sc, Ph.D & PGD

University of Abuja popularly called UNIABUJA is one best and fastest university for Postgraduate studies in Abuja.

UNIABUJA Postgraduate School fees

The university is one of the federal government owned university in Nigeria.

Students who wishes to study any Postgraduate degree programme at UNIABUJA will need to be knowledgeable about the current UNIABUJA M.Sc, Ph.D & PGD school fees.

UNIABUJA is more significant because it is located in Nigeria’s capital city Abuja.

UNIABUJA offer both undergraduate and Postgraduate academic programmes.

This article will center on Postgraduate degree programmes at university of Abuja.

Specifically, we will be discussing how much school fees students pay for Postgraduate Programmes like PGD, M.Sc & Ph.D at UNIABUJA.

This post will be highly significant to those are considering enrolling into Abuja federal university for their Postgraduate degree programmes.

Information on school fees for UNIABUJA will help prospective students of the university plan ahead and budget well for the academic programmes.

So in this write up, we will be discussing UNIABUJA school fees for different Postgraduate programmes as well as duration for M.Sc, Ph.D and PGD Programme at University of Abuja.

UNIABUJA PG Acceptance Fee

UNIABUJA acceptance fees for Postgraduate studies is N30,000.

This is non refundable fee paid as confirmation for acceptance of offer of admission.

This how much for M.Sc acceptance fee at UNIABUJA.

Acceptance fee for UNIABUJA Postgraduate programmes is paid by all irrespective of programmes understudy


Postgraduate school fees at UNIABUJA is paid according to course of study.

This is just as applicable in most universities in Nigeria.

In this segment of the post, we will be providing M.Sc, Ph.D school fees at UNIABUJA.

Also, we will in this article talk about the school fees for Postgraduate diploma (PGD) at university of Abuja.

UNIABUJA M.Sc Programme School Fees

M.Sc school fees for university of Abuja is paid according to science and non science courses.

For non pure science courses, UNIABUJA Master’s degree school fees is N114,000 per section/semester.

Also for science courses, M.Sc school fees at UNIABUJA is around N99,500 per section.

Duration For UNIABUJA M.Sc Programme

Master’s degree programmes at University of Abuja last for a period of 18 months for full-time students and 24 months for part time students.

UNIABUJA Ph.D Programme School Fees

The tuition and school fees for PhD in UNIABUJA is N129,500 per section for non science courses while for pure science courses, the Ph.D school fee at UNIABUJA is N119,500.

This is the current PhD school fees at University of Abuja (UNIABUJA)

Duration For PhD Programme at UNIABUJA

Doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) academic degree programmes last for period of 3 calender years for full time students.

However,for part time students, UNIABUJA Ph.D Programme last for 4 calendar years or more.

UNIABUJA PGD Programme School Fees

Postgraduate diploma school fee at university of Abuja is N124,000 per section.

This include both PGDA, PGD, EPP, PS, BA.

This how much students pay for Postgraduate diploma programmes at UNIABUJA.

Duration For PGD Programme at UNIABUJA

Postgraduate diploma programmes at University of Abuja last for a duration period of 18 calendar months.

It is a full time academic degree programme which mean it can be runned on full-time basis unlike other Postgraduate degree programmes like M.Sc and PhD.


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