University of Ibadan Postgraduate School Fees (2023)

University of Ibadan School Fees for MSc,PhD & PGD

University of Ibadan popularly referred to as UI is a Nigerian federal government owned university located at Ibadan, capital of Oyo State.

UI Postgraduate School fees

The university is one of the oldest federal universities in Nigeria.

UI has numerous Postgraduate programmes for its teeming students and prospective students.

It is one of the best university for MSc and PhD in Yorubaland (Southwest).

University of Ibadan is regarded as one of the first class universities in Nigeria and hence most prospective Postgraduate students tends to have high preference for UI in their pursuit of Postgraduate Studies and programmes.

One of the major inquiries students sought while choosing university for an academic programme is the school fees or tuition of such programmes for the chosen university.

The question of how much students of UI pay as school fees for Masters degree programmes and PhD / PGD is reoccurring especially among potential students of these programmes.

Students always wants to find out how cheap is UI Postgraduate school fees is or how expensive MSc and PhD programmes are in University of Ibadan.

So in this article, we will be providing University of Ibadan Postgraduate School Fees.

Specifically, we will talk about UI PhD school fees, UI MSc school fees and University of Ibadan PGD school fees.

Also to be contained in this post is University of Ibadan Postgraduate Acceptance Fees.

This post will be help prospective students plan well for their various Postgraduate programmes at university of Ibadan.

UI PG Acceptance Fee

University of Ibadan acceptance fee for Postgraduate studies is N20,400.

This is a non refundable fee paid by students as confirmation for acceptance of offer of admission into university of Ibadan Postgraduate programmes.

How Much is UI School Fees for MSc, PhD & PGD

University of Ibadan Postgraduate School fees is paid according to programme understudy and according to alumni status.

Students who had their first degree in UI are given a little discount while paying for school fees for various Postgraduate programmes in University of Ibadan.

University of Ibadan Postgraduate School Fees for M.Sc

The school fees for masters degree (M.Sc) programme at University of Ibadan is between N120,000 to N170,000 depending on your course of study and faculty.

Also, students from other universities who are enrolling into Msc at UI are charged a bit higher in tuition fee unlike alumni of university of Ibadan.

How many times is Msc school fees paid at UI? School Fees for MSc at University of Ibadan is paid twice, during the 3 semesters Msc programmes is suppose to last at university of Ibadan.

However, the second masters degree school fees at UI is cheaper and lower than the initial payments.

University of Ibadan School Fees for PhD & PGD

Doctor of philosophy ( PhD) and Postgraduate diploma (PGD) are some of other Postgraduate programmes offered at University of Ibadan.

The questions as regards to how much students of PhD and PGD pay as school fees at University of Ibadan is very important.

However, we are currently making efforts at ascertaining the actual figures and fees paid as UI PhD and PGD school fees.

We hope to update this vital information once we get the certified fees paid as PhD and PGD school fees at University of Ibadan.


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Emmanuel Igwenagu

Igwenagu Emmanuel is the founder of Nigerian Informer. He holds B.A, M.Sc in Mass Communication. He is a Communication researcher and 112 emergency help line dispatcher.


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  1. Is ui offering msc accounting

  2. Please publish the current PhD fees of the University of Ibadan.

  3. UI is the first and the best university in Nigeria, ranks under top ten universities in Africa; and it’s not just one of the best universities in the south west as stated.
    Msc tuition is 152k to 168k in the first year, and 85k to 94,500k in the second year (3rd semester). PGD should be the same as Msc. Hostel fee is 50k for a 3-man room and 70k for a 2-man room
    PhD tuition is 165k to 198k depending on the year (1st year is higher) and the faculty.

    1. Please when is the PGD programm likely to commence.
      When is the form going to be available?:
      I am a polytechnic graduate hoping to further my studies.

      1. Visit school if Postgraduate studies UI and sure you will find recent time table

  4. Suleiman Mohammad Yahaya

    Please i really want to confirm if UI accept HND for MSC programme

    1. You will need to do PGD before switching to MSc

      1. Can I study MPH with 2.6 GP without PGD?

  5. Will they accept second class lower

    1. check their brochure on their website please

  6. What is the difference between PGD and PGDE PLS?

    1. Pgde is for educational courses while Pgd is for general course like arts and social sciences

  7. Has UI started selling masters degree form? When can I apply? What requirements do I need so I can prepare.

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