Unlimited Data Subscription Plans in Nigeria, Prices & Codes (2024)

Internet data services in Nigeria is not cheap as most data subscription plans are capped.

Best unlimited data plans inNigeria

According to a study citied in a research work at one of Nigeria’s government universities, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, it states that ” Nigeria is the highest internet users in Africa”.

This shows that Internet data usage in Nigeria is very high.

We are in digital age and internet has altered our traditional ways of doings things.

Internet as enhanced and promoted businesses, relationship , social life and more.

Hence, people pay heavily in Nigeria to have stable, interrupted and steady internet data services all round year.

Before now, data plans in Nigeria are hardly capped as most subscribers enjoy unlimited internet data plans.

However, with the growth in internet usage in Nigeria,more players and internet service providers emerged.

Ironically, the competition among Internet service providers in Nigeria has not led to drop in the price and cost of internet services in Nigeria.

Currently,the cost of most unlimited internet data plans in Nigeria is quite expensive and hardly affordable for mid range earners in Nigeria.

Every Internet service providers in Nigeria has an unlimited subscription plans.

People often seek out for the cheapest best unlimited data plans in Nigeria as this will keep their Internet service steady and uninterrupted across the month or year as the case maybe.

There are many Internet users and business owners in Nigeria who are seeking for the best and cheapest unlimited data plans in Nigeria to help provide them with steady internet service.

This is why this post have come up the all unlimited data plans in Nigeria from different telecommunications networks.

MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile Unlimited Data Plans in Nigeria

In this article, readers will find MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile unlimited data plans, prices and subscription codes.

Below, we will be stating the best unlimited data plans in Nigeria from Internet service providers like MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9Mobile, Smile, Ntel etc.

We will also show you how to subscribe to these unlimited data plans in Nigeria.

If you don’t want to worry about your internet data plan being used up then consider these best unlimited data plans in Nigeria.

With these unlimited data plans, you wouldn’t have to worry about your data usage.

So, these are unlimited data plans in Nigeria with prices and subscription codes.

Airtel Unlimited Data Plans & Prices

Airtel is one of the top of internet data service providers in Nigeria.

The telecommunications network has million of subscribers and it is one of the telecommunications networks in Nigeria with the most stable and fast internet services.

Airtel has numerous data subscription plans. our focus here will be on Airtel data plans that is unlimited.

The Airtel unlimited data plans affords customers of the Airtel network the opportunity to enjoy data continuously and non stop till the validity date.

It is the best Airtel data plans for heavy internet users. However,these Airtel unlimited data plans are only available on routers and outdoor units.

Below is different unlimited data plans in Airtel network and their subscription codes.

Airtel Unlimited 10 (N10,000)

This is the cheapest Airtel unlimited data plan in Nigeria. It is designed for small businesses and freelancers and has a validity period of 30 days.

To activate Unlimited 10, dial *462*10# or *471#. Note that the plan comes with FUP. As such, after consuming 40 GB of data, the data speed reduces to 256kbps.

Airtel Unlimited 15 (N15,000)

Another Airtel unlimited internet data subscription plans is the unlimited 15.

This is a medium-range unlimited data plan from Airtel. It costs N15,000.

The validity of this Airtel unlimited data plan is 30 days.

This plan also comes with a FUP of 65 GB after which data speed reduces to 256kbps.

To activate the Unlimited 15 data plan, dial *462*15# or *463#.

Airtel Unlimited 20 (N20,000)

This is Airtel highest unlimited data plans. It is the most expensive of the unlimited data plans from Airtel.

It costs N20,000 with capped validity period of 30 days. There is also a FUP on this plan capped at 100 GB after which data speed reduces to 256kbps. Activate this plan by dialing *462*20# or *351#.

MTN Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, and Codes

MTN is the largest Internet data provider in Nigeria.

Just like Airtel, they also have numerous data subscription plans with different data cap.

In this segment of the post you will discover MTN unlimited data plans and their codes.

MTN LTE Unlimited Plans

Below is different MTN LTE unlimited data subscription plans alongside their validity, prices and subscription codes.

Also to enjoy these unlimited data plans from MTN network, you will need modem.

  • MTN Unlimited – N10,000 – 7days
  • MTN Unlimited – N22000 – 30days
  • MTN Unlimited – N35,000 – 30days
  • MTN Unlimited – N52,700 – 30days

To subscribe to these MTN unlimited data plans, dial *567*59#, type “1,” and click “OK.” This offer is available to MTN subscribers in Lagos and Ibadan.

MTN WiMAX Unlimited Plans

This is another category of MTN unlimited data plans in Nigeria.

Below is the difference MTN unlimited data plans in this category.

  • MTN Unlimited – N10,000 – 7days
  • MTN Unlimited – N22000 – 30days
  • MTN Unlimited – N35,000 – 30days
  • MTN Unlimited – N52,700 – 30days

This MTN data subscription plans is exclusive for subscribers in the following locations: Sokoto, Ilorin, Kaduna, Warri, Abuja, Osogbo, Makurdi, and Port Harcourt.

MTN HyNet Flex

MTN HyNet Flex is another package of MTN unlimited data subscription.

It has different categories and plans in this package and they are.

  • MTN Bronze Unlimited – N5000 – 7days
  • MTN Silver Unlimited – N20000 – 30days
  • MTN Ruby Unlimited – N30,000 – 30days
  • MTN Gold Unlimited – N45,000 – 30days
  • MTN Diamond Unlimited – N60,000 – 30days
  • MTN Platinum Unlimited – N165,000 – 180days

Glo Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Codes

Globacom popularly known as GLO is one of the major Internet service providers in Nigeria.

They also have categories of data plans that are unlimited on GLO.

They are listed below alongside the GLO data plans, price , validity and subscription codes.

  • 50GB NGN10,000 *127*11# – 30days
  • 93GB NGN15,000 *127*12#- 30days
  • 119GB NGN18,000 *127*13# – 30days
  • 138GB NGN20,000 *127*33# -30days

NTel Unlimited Data Plans, Prices, & Codes

NTel is one of the reliable internet providers in Nigeria with unlimited data plans.

Below is the unlimited data plans of NTel with prices and their validity period.

  • Unlimited Daily N1,500 – 2days
  • Unlimited Weekly N5,200 – 7days
  • Unlimited Family N18,500 -30days
  • Unlimited Exclusive N25,000-30 days
  • Unlimited Night (Monthly) N10,000 -30 days
  • Unlimited 90 N51,000 90 days
  • Unlimited 180 N100,000 180 days
  • Unlimited 365 N195,000 365 days
  • Unlimited Plus N25,000 30 days
  • Unlimited Xtra N40,000 30 days
  • Unlimited Prime N60,000 30 days

9Mobile Unlimited Data Plans in Nigeria

9mobile is also one of the top internet data providers in Nigeria.

Here some of the 9mobile mega unlimited data plans as well as their prices, validity and subscription codes.

  • 9Moblile unlimited – N25,000 – 90days
  • 9Mobile unlimited – N50,000 – 180days
  • 9Mobile unlimited – N100,000 – 365days

These are mega 9Mobile data plans and unlimited data subscription plan of 9mobile network.


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