UNN Postgraduate School Fees 2023/2023

UNN School Fees for PGD, MSc & Ph.D

Enrolling in postgraduate (PG) programs in Nigeria’s prestigious University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) is highly appealing to numerous graduates in Nigeria.

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Some of the reasons why people like to enroll for PG programs in UNN is as a result of cheap school fees and tuition for postgraduate program. UNN being a federal university is one of the cheapest universities for PG programs in Nigeria.

The current UNN MSc, PhD & PGD school fees is one of the cheapest in the country.

Also, the university boost of needed manpower and facilities for adequate learning. More still, duration for PG programs at UNN are strictly adhered to except where the students fail to meet up with the requirements for PG programs graduation.

As a result of high unemployment in Nigeria, most graduates in a bid to increasing their chances of gaining employment are increasingly enrolling in Postgraduate programs in Nigeria.

In this article, we bring to you the school fees for PhD, MSc & PGD programs in UNN. This information is very important especially for prospective applicants and candidates for PG programs.

Despite the cheap school fees for PG programs at UNN, it is important to note that for a smooth running of the program, the student need to be financially stable.

Below is the amount for UNN PG acceptance fee as well as school fees for UNN PG programs.

UNN PG Acceptance Fees

University of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN) acceptance fees for Postgraduate programs is N25,000. This is a non-refundable amount paid as confirmation for acceptance of offer of admission.

Acceptance fee is same amount for all level of Postgraduate programs in UNN, PGD, MSc and PhD.

UNN PG School Fees

School fees for Postgraduate programs in the UNN is paid according to level and type of program understudy.

UNN PGD School Fees

One of the Postgraduate programs offered at UNN is Post Graduate Diploma (PGD). It is the lowest class of PG programs.

UNN Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) school fees is N100,400 for fresh students of science courses. They are also expected to pay N80,000 as returning students during the second section of the program.

The school fees for UNN PGD non science fresh students is N100,400 and another N75,000 as returning students.

Duration For UNN PGD Program

Duration for UNN PGD people is approximately 18 months. The program is expected to run for four semesters and not more than eight semesters.

UNN MSc School Fees

UNN MSc school fees or tuition is paid either as fresh student or as a returning student. The UNN MSc school fees for fresh students of science related courses is N95,400.

Also, UNN MSc school fees for fresh students of non-science courses is N90,400 while school fees for returning science students is pegged at N80,000 and returning non-science students are slated to pay N75,000.

The Master’s degree school fees at UNN is paid twice except where the student overstays the duration of the course of study through course failure.

Duration For UNN MSc Program

Duration for UNN MSc program is 18 months. The program is scheduled to run not less than four semesters and not more than eight semesters.

UNN PhD School Fees

This segment of the write up will provide the current school fees for PhD at UNN.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) school fees of UNN is also paid across science and non-science, with students of both divides paying different amounts.

UNN PhD school fees for fresh science students is slated for 95,400, while fresh non science PhD students of UNN pay 90,400.

PhD students of UNN also pay N80,000 and 75,000 respectively for science and non-science students.

The school fees for returning PhD students of UNN are to be paid twice covering the three phases of the program.

Duration For UNN PhD Program

The duration for PhD at UNN is 3 calendar years minimum and 5 calendar years maximum for full-time. For part time, the program is scheduled to last 3 calendar years minimum and 6 calendar years maximum.


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  1. Is admission still on and when is it going to end. Also if one is not able to apply now when else is admission going to start . thanks

    1. COVID-19 and Long ASUU Strike has affected the calender of most academic programs in the universities. So it is imperative you keep in touch with staff of the university so as to stay up-to-date with PG Calendar of the institution

  2. Can someone that study Human Anatomy get Admission Masters on Nephrology?

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