VIO Officers Salary Scale in Nigeria (2024)

The VIO is a short-term for Vehicles Inspection Office, Nigeria vehicles inspection department. We will take a look at what salary of VIO officers is in Nigeria.

VIO Salary Structure in Nigeria

This write up will give us an insight about the salaries of VIO Officers and officials in Nigeria.

Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) is state based paramilitary agency charged with responsibility of ensuring that only road worthy vehicles ply the Nigerian major roads.

VIO currently works closely with Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) in vehicles inspection, drivers licensing and education.

Just like in federal paramilitary agencies, VIO has ranks and cadre and this determines how much salaries this VIO officers and officials are paid in Nigeria.

One interesting facts about VIO salaries in Nigeria is that they are not uniform across board.

What these means is that the salary of vehicle Inspection Office officials in different states are not same.

The reason for this disparity in the earnings and salaries of VIO officers in Nigeria will be discussed later in this article.

So, to find out the salaries of VIO and how much VIO officers are paid in Nigeria, keep reading this post carefully.

Is VIO Federal or State Government Agency?

Many Nigerians are not in the know of the tier of government Vehicles Inspection Office (VIO) is or works under.

Now to get this clear, VIO is not a federal government agency but a state government vehicles inspection agency.

This is the reason for the disparity in the salaries VIO officers earn in Nigeria.

VIO is formed and funded by the state government.

The salaries of VIO officers and workers are paid by state government.

So, as such different states in Nigeria pays different salary structure to VIO officers in Nigeria.

Average salary of VIO officers in Nigeria is N40,000 per month.

Salary of VIO Officers in Nigeria

The salaries of VIO officials in Nigeria is determined by the state in which you work for in Nigeria.

The salary of VIO officers and workers in Lagos ranges between N40,000 to N120,000 depending on your rank in VIO Lagos.

Senior officers of Lagos VIO earns between N60,000 to N120,000 just as junior VIO officers earn between N40,000 to N60,000 in Lagos.

Also, the average salary of VIO officers in Abuja is N50,000 while VIO officers salaries in Rivers state starts from N40,000 for junior officers of VIO.

Most states in Nigeria pay VIO officers salary according to the financial strength of the state.

Starting salary for VIO senior officers in Anambra state is around N38,000.

Some Funtions of VIO in Nigeria

Funtions of Vehicles Inspection Office (VIO) in Nigeria includes but not limited to the following:

  • Carry out training and testing of applicants for driver’s licence
  • Ensuring that all vehicles plying roads are roadworthy at all times
  • Carry out Inspection and issuance of Road Worthiness Certificate (RWC) in respect of all vehicles
  • Ensuring that all vehicles are properly inspected and certified before registration or renewal of vehicle particulars
  • Effective patrols on roads and highways to carry out routine checks and enforce compliance.
  • Provide Periodic Training, Retraining Seminars and Conferences for officers towards achievement of mastery in Motor Vehicle Administration
  • Carrying out Public Education and advocacy
  • Cooperating with other agencies to enforce traffic rules and regulations
  • Providing accessible emergency services
    keeping statutory registers and a database of all certificates issued and revoked
  • Work with relevant agencies engaged in road safety activities or in the prevention of accidents on the highways

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