Water Dispenser Prices & Costs in Nigeria (2024)

How Much is Water Dispenser Sold in Nigeria?

This article will center on the prices of water dispenser in Nigeria.

Prices of Water Dispenser Brands in Nigeria

How much water dispenser costs is an information very important to those who wants to make use of best water treatment and purity equipment.

Water is very important for healthy living. Taking of inadequate purified water can cause illness and sickness too.

At every point in time, people demand a temperature of water they need and want to use.

All these water needs are best taken care of through the use of water dispenser.

The prices of water dispenser in Nigeria is largely dependent on the brand of water dispenser being purchased in Nigeria.

Most top electronics companies are into manufacturing and sale of water dispenser across Nigeria markets.

Some of the most popular water dispensers in Nigeria includes, C-Way water dispenser, Panasonic water dispenser, Scanfrost water dispenser etc.

Water dispenser has become an indispensable office and homes equipment.

It ensures purification as well as fast serve of desired temperature of water.

These are some of the importance of water dispenser in Nigeria.

It is also the major reasons we considered providing the price of water dispensers in Nigeria.

Costs & Prices of Water Dispenser Brands in Nigeria

Water Dispensers are mostly used across offices and working environments.

Generally the price of water dispensers are not cheap.

Below are the price and cost of water dispenser brands and models in Nigeria.

Price of Panasonic Water Dispenser

These are some of the market prices of Panasonic Water dispensers in Nigeria.

  • Panasonic Bottom Loading Water Dispenser SDM -WD3438BG – N90,000 – N98,500
  • Panasonic Top Loading Water Dispenser SDM -WD3238TG – N70,000 – N76,000
  • Panasonic Water Dispenser WD3128TG – N64,000 – N72,000

Prices of Scanfrost Water Dispenser

Below is the cost price of Scanfrost water dispenser in Nigeria.

  • Scanfrost Water Dispenser SFWD 1400-2 – N63,000 – N69,000
  • Scanfrost Water Dispenser – SFWTDI 1400-1 – N75,000 – N80,000

Cway Water Dispenser Prices

CWAY Water Dispenser are very popular in Nigeria. This is how much they are sold.

  • CWAY Water Dispenser – Executive 1C – 58B24HL – N53, 000 – N59, 000
  • CWAY Water Dispenser Ruby 6F-BYB53 – N58,000 – N63,000
  • CWAY Water Dispenser CWM25HC – N45,000 – N49,000
  • CWAY Water Dispenser Ruby 4F BYB72 – N70,000 – N76,500
  • CWAY Water Dispenser Ruby 3F-58B20HL – N60,000 – N66,000

Prices of Restpoint Water Dispenser

These are prices of Restpoint water as dispenser in Nigeria.

  • Restpoint RP-WS100S Freestanding Hot And Cold Water Dispenser – N55,000 – N68,000
  • Restpoint Freestanding Hot And Cold Water Dispenser – RP-WS40 – N49,000 – N54,500

Polystar Water Dispenser Prices in Nigeria

This is how much Polystar Water Dispenser are sold across Nigeria.

  • Polystar Water- Dispenser Hot And Cold-with Fridge And Freezer – N70,000 – N76,000
  • Polystar Water Dispenser: PV-R6JX-5B – N58,000 – N62,000

Prices of Maxi Water Dispenser in Nigeria

Below is the price list of Maxi Water Dispenser in Nigeria

  • Maxi 2 Faucets Water Dispenser With Refrigerator- WD1675S – N57,000 – N66,000
  • Maxi 3 Faucets (Hot, Cold, Neutral) Water Dispenser- WD1663S – N60,000 – N71,000
Other Water Dispenser Brands & Prices in Nigeria

These are some water dispenser brands and how much price they are sold in Nigeria.

  • Nexus Hot and Cold Water Dispenser with Refrigerator – N60,000 – N65,000
  • TCL Top Loading Water Dispenser – LWYR33B – N60,000 – N67,000
  • Eurosonic 2-Tap Water dispenser – N56,000 – N61,000
  • Skyrun Water Dispenser-White- BY-1162L – N52000 – N58,000
  • AKAI 3-Tap water dispenser – N55,000 – N63,000
  • Bruhm 2-Tap water dispenser with cabinet – N50,000 – N56,000
  • Linsan Water Dispenser with Freezer – N62,000 – N65,000
  • Midea 3 Tap Water Dispenser with Fridge (YL1674S-B) – N75,000 – N82,000

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