Wema Bank Salary (2024)

Wema Bank Salary Structure

In this article, we will provide information concerning Wema Bank salaries.

Wema bank is one of Central Bank of Nigeria approved commercial banks operating in Nigeria.

wema bank salary

The bank is highly present in south-west & south-south Nigeria.

Oftentimes, most young graduates who are willing to join Wema Bank are always inquisitive of the bank’s salary.

This is not out of order as knowing these vital information helps one to make a better career decision.

What Wema bank pay their staff is dependent on the cadre and class of the staff.

At Wema bank, hard work and dedication is highly appreciated and staff with longer years are given salary increments as they progress in their career.

This post will focus on the starting salary of new staff at Wema Bank.

How Much Wema Bank Pay Their Staff

Wema bank has three categories of staff. The permanent staff at Wema Bank are those staff who are part of the core personnel driving the bank’s programs.

This class of staff are referred to as the full-time staff of Wema bank.

Permanent staff of Wema bank usually join as graduate trainee and enjoy all the benefits available for their banks staff.

The contract or temporal staff of Wema bank are the personnel of the bank who are outsourced through recruitment agencies.

They are usually offered two years contract subject to renewal based on performance.

Semiskilled staff of Wema bank are the staff who work at Wema bank as tea girls, cleaners and security.

In this post, we will discuss all the salaries of these different staff cadre at Wema Bank.

Wema Bank Salary For Permanent & New Staff

Permanent staff of Wema bank are those staff who form the core personnel driving the bank’s programs to achieve her vision.

They are also known as the bank’s full-time staff. This is same as the entry level salary of Wema bank in Nigeria.

Here we will provide the monthly salary of entry level staff of Wema Bank. They are also the first level among the bank’s full-time staff.

Wema bank salary for entry level staff of around N96,000 per month.

This is the starting salary for Wema Bank permanent staff.

Wema Bank Salary For Contract Staff

Salary of contract staff at Wema bank is among the best in the industry. Contract staff in Nigeria banking system is tradition.

Most commercial banks in Nigeria offer employment on contracts to help fill in some important opening they are very vital to the operation of the financial institution and Wema bank is no exception in that regard.

Wema bank contract salary is around N70,000 monthly.

Contract staff at Wema Bank are also given some bonuses like the full-time staff of the bank especially during yuletide.

Contract staff salary at Wema bank is also subject to periodic increment.

Wema Bank Salary For Cleaners, Tea Girls & Security

Another very important class of staff at Wema bank is the non-technical staff.

Those under this category of staff at Wema bank are the cleaners, tea girls and security personnel.

Salary of cleaners, Tea girls and Security personnel at at Wema Bank is around N40,000 per month.

They also enjoy some seasonal bonuses which Wema bank offer its staff.

Wema bank salary for cleaners and security people are also good and is one of the best one can find withing Nigeria’s banking industry.


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