Whiteboard Prices in Nigeria (2024)

How Much is School Whiteboard Cost in Nigeria

In this post, the prices of whiteboard will be discussed.

Whiteboard Prices in Nigeria

Whiteboards has gradually displaced the traditional old wall black board in schools and learning places.

These school writing boards are not cheap because of advantages it has over black wall chalk boards.

Whiteboards are typically a magnetic metal sheet coated with a glossy, white surface.

They are opposite of the old school blackboards and are more morden writing boards.

Whiteboards can also be called dry erase boards which comes with a white surface instead of the traditional black.

It also makes use of dry erase markers instead of chalk.

Use of permanent or wet erase marker is not ideal for classroom whiteboards.

This is because of the flexibility required for teachers or students to use the whiteboards with ease and for different subject purpose.

Whiteboards are fast selling and adopted across schools, offices and homes.

They have advantage of being easy to use over traditional wall black boards.

Also, the flexibility of whiteboards makes it ideal for use and learning.

This is because it comes in different sizes and can be moved from place to place if need be.

While whiteboards makes learning fun and is becoming the most widely used school writing boards in Nigeria.

Let us find out he prices of school whiteboards in Nigeria.

Information and details on the price of whiteboards is highly significant among school proprietors and parents who from time to time might be in need of buying writing whiteboards in Nigeria especially for learning of students at school and children at home.

So, if you want to find out the cost and prices of whiteboards in Nigeria, all you need to do is to keep reading this article.

Prices of Whiteboards in Nigeria

Whiteboard comes in different sizes and so, the price of whiteboard also comes in different amounts too.

The price of Whiteboards is sold according to its sizes.

Bigger sized whiteboards usually cost more than smaller sizes whiteboards.

Bigger sizes whiteboards usually measure 4ft×6ft.

This is the standard size of writing whiteboards for school use.

White smaller whiteboards which is usually home and office whiteboards normally measure 2ft×2ft or 2ft×3ft.

So, sizes is the major determinant of how much price whiteboards are sold in Nigeria.

Below is the price list of some whiteboards sizes in Nigeria.

Whiteboards and Prices in Nigeria

These are most popular and used sized writing school whiteboards and their prices in Nigeria.

Whiteboard Size                 Price

Whiteboard 4ft×6ft      –   N23,500 – N25,000
Whiteboard 2ft×2ft      –   N6000 – N7500
Whiteboard 2ft×4f       –   N9500 – N11,000
Whiteboard 2ft×3ft      –   N8500- N10,000

End Note on Prices of School Writing Boards

The prices of white school writing board can be considered high.

However, when it is being bought or procured in larger quantities, discount can be gotten from dealers.

Also, for longevity, only recommended dry erase marker and cleaner should be used on whiteboards.

The above cost of schools whiteboards is the current price of whiteboards in Nigeria.

We hope this write up has done justice to price and how much white school writing boards are sold across Nigeria.


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