Working as International Student in USA – F1 Visa Jobs

This article will answer questions relating to working as an international student in USA.

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Reading this piece will give prospective international students tips on working with F1 visa as an international student.

Can I Work in USA with F1 Visa?

It is an open secret that USA is top destination for international students as result of the country’s education standards and amenities.

Also, cost of tertiary education in US is considerably high and expensive especially for international students who maybe coming from developing countries.

The cost of attending tertiary education in US could gulp upto $50,000 per year.

This is an amount not many international students can easily afford without support inform of scholarship, loans or having to work while on F1 visa in USA.

While F1 Visa holder which are international students are allowed to work, it comes with certain restrictions which must adhered to.

US immigration laws allows for international students who are F1 visa holders to work under different terms and conditions.

However, care must be taken as flaunting F1 visa rules such as working illegally as student in US or working more than 20 hours per week as international student in US could have a dire consequence which could result in cancellation of visa and deportation.

So it is very important to keep to rules of your visa and also consult designated school officers for issues relating to working as an international student in US.

Is it Possible to Work & Save Money to Pay for Tuition as International Student in USA?

Many international students enroute US who are not financially prepared or have enough funds to cover there tuition and living expenses would find life very difficult in the states.

Also, tuition payments are taken very seriously in USA universities. Many prospective international students have the notion and plan to work and pay their tuition fees in USA by working as student.

It is practically impossible to work on 20 hours per week criteria and be able to save and pay your tuition in United States as an international student.

To be able to work and raise money to pay for your tuition in USA as international student, the student would need to work more than 20 hours or on full time basis.

This would mean flaunting the F1 visa laws and could joepardise your visa and study permit.

So, international students who encounter financial difficulties during their international studies should explore options such as scholarship, loans assistantships.

It is unrealistic to work in accordance to F1 visa rules and be able to pay for your tuition in USA as an international student.

University tuition in USA are quite expensive and this is why international students are required to prove their financial capabilities upon visa application.

Can International Student in USA Work Before School/Classes Resumption?

Some international student are fortunate enough to get their visa approved months before commencements of their programme.

Hence some international students are quick to ascertain if they can travel to USA and work before the date of their classes resumption.

It is against F1 visa rules to work as an international student in US before commencement or resumption of classes.

As a matter of fact, as an international student, you shouldn’t enter USA before 30 days to your programme commencements.

Even when you arrive few weeks before classes resumption, you are allowed to work or be able to do student work until you resume classes.

Can International Student in USA Work Full Time During Holidays and Summer Breaks?

Yes, during long and extended breaks, international student in US can work and full time mode.

This can help international students make extra bucks for their upkeep and towards their tuitions as well.

This is why some international students intentionally enroll for spring semeters which would see them work on full time mode after just one semester during summer breaks and holidays.

What is the Highest Paying Jobs for International Students in USA?

There are certain jobs in USA which international students find more lucrative and rewarding financially.

Oftentimes, international student seek out for openings and opportunities in these roles during summer breaks so as to save more money for their expenses and towards their tuition.

Here are some best jobs for international students in USA.

  • Uber/Taxi Driving
  • IT Jobs
  • Logistics & Delivery
  • Care Providing
  • Security Roles

The above are some of the best students jobs in USA that international students can engage in to make money while studying in USA.

Can International Student on F1 Visa Work More Than 20 Hours a Week for On Campus Jobs?

An international student in US can work either On-campus or Outside the Campus.

Sometimes, there is a misconceptions that international students can work more than 20 hours for job on campus.

This is wrong idea as jobs for international students on campus in USA is also done according F1 visa rules which stipulates that international students can only work for 20 hours during classes or while class is in session.

So, international students who work in campus in USA can only work for 20 hours per week unless during holidays and extended breaks.


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